More sale prices reported

These went to contract a month or so ago or longer so they don’t speak to the current market (which is dead) but just for your information:


One Farwell

1 Farwell Lane, $5.050 million.  This started out as a house and 12 acres way back in 2005 asking $12.650 million. Five brokers and 1,201 days later it expired unsold. it came back in 2008, trimmed down to 6 acres, at $6.495 and after four more years, sold for $5. All small things come to those that wait.

Speaking of small things, 14 Tait Road, new construction in Old Greenwich, sold for $2.925 on an asking price of $2.995. One-quarter acre, a one car garage plus a FARport and only 3,000 square feet, including the basement. five bedrooms if you don’t mind sticking your Filipino below ground.

38 Byfield, asking $2 million, sold for $1.8 even. I liked this house a lot, and if someone were to spend a little money changing the facade to match the very attractive interior, I think they’d be repaid. There was an opportunity to buy this for even less awhile ago but you’ve got to time your bid – don’t dawdle – and come in high enough to get the seller to commit rather than look around for a higher bid. Just saying.


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9 responses to “More sale prices reported

  1. You sold some dirt and didn’t tell us???? What’s up with that? I had to read it from Brother Gideon. Way to Go!!! Where are you taking us all for dinner?
    “487 North Street (the part for $6M). Called “Stuttering Breezes”, wait.. sorry, make that “Whispering Winds”. Broker Chris Fountain’s got it under contract, one of only two major land deals so far this year.”

    • Ah, Gideon was a bit premature with that post but I do believe I will be able to offer readers at my expense, to a no-more-than 16 oz. soda pop in the near future.

  2. ! Will Farell Lane

    One funny place to live.

  3. Another Reader

    Thanks EOS for the alert! I hadn’t read Gideon’s blog in a while. I am torn on that land sale because of course, half of me is congratulating Chris and the other half, (the historic house lover who pines for the days of Ivor Thord Gray and the McGees–the land and home’s previous tenants) is really glad I took photos of the full acreage before a house gets built.

  4. Where Bloomberg leads Hartford will one day follow.

    Congrats Chris. It’s nice to see that capitalism is alive and well somewhere.

  5. What’s funny is I rarely rarely read Gideon’s “blog”. YOU most definitely got the writing gene. Sorry Gideon, what can I say? So when I went astray today and found myself on his site and saw the news, I had to dish.

    I don’t want to jinx anything so I won’t say anymore until you have a check in hand and we get a post saying “Moved to Jackson Hole!”

    Go watch the Spelling Bee finals, on ESPN2. It’ll bring back your faith in education, home-schooling that is.

  6. Walt

    Dude Man –
    You finally popped your dirt sales cherry? Well no one is happier for you than me. Congratulations, my friend!! I really mean that.
    But don’t screw this up, as you are so prone to do. Go to the closing, and try not to piss anybody off. I know this is hard for you, but try. Don’t crop dust anyone, or worse, poop your panties because you may actually get a check. No religion or politics. It can piss some people off. If you sold to Jews, or camel jockeys, keep it quiet. OK?
    Sit there and try and act normal. I know that is hard. I am concerned it may actually be impossible. Take your check, do the 6% for the millionth time, and try not to piss your pants on stealing money.
    Send your clients a gift. No shitty plastic clock like I got. Send them something nice.
    And we aren’t drinking sodas on this. I will take you to Mama San’s Rub and Tug on the Avenue. My treat, but Kinko San is mine. She has a reverse wrist action to die for. Then I will stuff a steak dinner down your throat, my treat, and we call it a day. Agreed?
    Don’t screw this up, you loser. So close the deal, chub up, and lets get the party started!!
    Your Pal,

  7. Anonymous

    So OG is way more expensive than RS…

  8. Jen O'Brien


    Hate to correct you once again on 14 Tait but the square footage is 3,540 on the first and second floor and there is an additional 1,300+ square feet in the lower level. Just want to be accurate!