Name that party!

Get away from me with those handcuffs!

Bloggers have long had fun pointing out that when a Republican politician runs afoul of the law his party affiliation is always prominently mentioned in the first sentence of any  press coverage of the matter while readers/viewers/listeners will search in vain for any such identification when it’s a Democrat ensnared in the honey pot.

Today’s news that Connecticut’s Speaker of the House Chris Donovan has been selling his office is no exception. I first heard the story on Connecticut Public Radio and noticed that the reporter stayed mum on which party Donovan might happen to belong to. And as you’ll see from the linked-to Greenwich Time article, our local rag follows mainstream media’s SOP. (UPDATE: the link now goes to the FBI’s arrest affidavit and not the GT story. Check back later and maybe it will reappear)

As an aside, it baffles me why these pols sell themselves so cheap. Donovan killed a bill that would have heavily taxed “roll your own” cigarette stores for a measly $10,000. So they save millions while he pockets chump change? Of course Donovan has the opportunity to kill or advance hundreds of laws in every legislative session so he can repeat that $10,000 extortion repeatedly, but I’d still think he could have held out for more. You sell your services too cheaply and every schmo on the block will figure he can buy a legislator too.

And that would disrupt the carefully orchestrated beauty of our legislative body.


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6 responses to “Name that party!

  1. Purple People Eater

    In south Florida, our rag never describes a fleeing/wanted felon as a “black” male. If he is white, then yes. It has been pointed out in countless comments following articles about lunatics on the loose that a proper description might actually help nab the deviant. Never happens.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Btw, Donovan is a union puppet, so this snafu couldn’t be happening to a better dem.

  3. Anonymous

    move along, nothing to see here…..

  4. On the Enemies List

    same old we will get you dirty politics in hartford

  5. Balzac

    In the long and sad tale of media bias, one of the most revelatory episodes is that of John Edwards. When he was running for President, the media adoration was almost universal: he’s so handsome…so eloquent….so righteous, with the two Americas speech (rich v. poor, don’t you see)….so young-seeming… attractively southern……just the kind of man you’d want your daughter to marry…….

    His popularity was greatly enhanced by the favorable treatment from the liberal media. They and he thought alike, so he had to be good……
    We came within a hair of having John Edwards for President.

    Only when the lowly National Enquirer probed a bit did we all learn anything real about Edwards. He was a skunk: a lying, philandering self-centered, hypocritical, egotistical moral preener, owner of a 25,000 square foot home (?). A charlatan, a miserable human being.

    So let’s draw the conclusion about our media: they deny furiously any liberal bias. Yet when a candidate shares their liberal prejudices, they are blind and untrustworthy.

  6. Anonymous

    Nice, Balzac….