Sale prices reported

502 Cognewaugh, $3.7 million. Yes, this started out a looong time ago at $5.250 million so $1.550 off original list seems like a lot, but sometimes buyers are a bit addled by high start prices and mistake a realistic price for a bargain.

Which I suppose argues for setting that first price in the stratosphere, as long as you’re willing to sit on the property for a couple of years. There’s a Greenwich broker who’s done this for decades, with huge success.

60 cat Rock

And here’s a surprise, to me: 60 Cat Rock Road, a 1980’s contemporary with no mention f any renovations or improvements since it was constructed sold for $1.850, very close to its asking price of $1.995 million. I remind myself as I drive through town and look at houses that hold no particular appeal to me that, if someone lives there, someone’s opinion was different enough from mine to convince him to buy it. And since there are no deserted homes in Greenwich (very few, anyway), it’s obvious that my taste, and that of everyone else, is entirely personal.


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2 responses to “Sale prices reported

  1. Stanwich

    About 502, it is a very nice home. The house one over at 520 Cognewaugh sold for $3.1m in 2000. 502 is double the size and 7 years newer. I think these buyers got a bargain.

    As for the Cat Rock sale, the house is right up against a nature preserve and it close to the end of the street (easy access to town). Not surprising to me although not to my taste.

    CF, your Riverside blinders are on heavy today.

  2. greenwich dude

    502 is a pretty nice home but to my view wasnt going to live that well for its incredible mass. i think the owners got a good deal in light of the size, quality, and land, but for all that square footage it didnt seem tremendously well laid out. its worth noting that the guest apartment over the garage is killer. the neighbors have a sweet basketball court – make friends if you’re into that sort of thing