So who’s surprised?

Drug makers promised to run massive advertising blitz for Obamacare in exchange for Democrats’ promise to block Republican proposals the druggies didn’t like.  I wouldn’t expect a different result had the Republicans been in power and pushing an agenda. The problem here is the huge scope and grasp of the federal government and hence its power to reward its friends and punish its enemies.


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2 responses to “So who’s surprised?

  1. MC

    Dude; Have you ever see the look on a little kids face (or do you remember the feeling) when the realization sets it that Santa Claus dosent exist?

  2. edgewater

    CF .. again you make an excellent point about gov’t power. and the enduring mystery to me is why democrats, who hate big corporations for their power over people and resources, are willing to give that power to government bureaucrats. when a big corporation misbehaves, there’s the remedy of government intervention, but when the government misbehaves, who can reign it in? freedom and big government are not compatible for that reason.