This could get him drummed out of the Democrat Party

“And that’s the way it is ….”

From the comments section to an earlier post on affirmative action comes this observation by the (soon-to-be-former) Chairman of the Greenwich Democrats. Have a nice stay in the re-education camp, Frank.

Hey Chris, aren’t Hasidic Jews white males? Last I checked, European descended people are. Or are you instead affirming that only hard working white males who pay their taxes and follow the rules, and don’t identify with a religious group or a particular ethnicity or social group don’t get special favors?

When, after the Tet offensive, Walter Cronkite denounced the Vietnam war during an evening broadcast, Lyndon Johnson is said to have admitted defeat to an aide, saying “if we’ve lost Cronkite, we’ve lost the war”. Could this be a Cronkite moment in the Democrat Party’s war on white men?

UPDATE: Talk about coincidence: “The Cronkite ‘Moment’ exploded”. Oh well, maybe this will be known as “the Fudrucker Moment”


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4 responses to “This could get him drummed out of the Democrat Party

  1. anonymous

    Whitey is not falling for that “hope and change” thing again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  2. anonymous

    Hassidic jews have not been considered white males since, at least, the middle ages. Everyone knows that.

  3. FF

    I’m curious as to your post. Did I do something you think overly right-minded in your view, hence grounds for being drummed out of the Democrats, or did I do something so crazy PC as to be considered not credible to continue as Town Chairman. Or, did I just point out that the Hasidim are white males because they uniformly descended from white males of Eastern European descent? Want to know…….

    • I found your previous comment to be thoughtful and accurate and so naturally assumed that, having been dropped on your head a second time in your life (the first.being at birth), you had seen the error in your ways The Catholics, I understand, have always supported and welcomed late conversions- can libertarians do less than the Pope?
      It’s a Rick at Casablanca moment, by golly: welcome back to the fight.