“Real Walt” resurfaces at Belle Haven Club

“Do you know who I am? (I sure don’t)”. Fairfield County Look photo

Reader “Grover” sends word of a Walter Noel sighting, hanging out with John J. McCloy and a very-old-looking Monica (scroll down past all the other Beautiful People). Interesting to reflect that, unless McCloy or some other Friend of Walter paid the couple’s way into this soiree, they used stolen funds to gain admittance. We all enjoy using other people’s money, but you’d think this charity’s organizers would have higher standards. Of course, if they are depending  on Wall Streeters for funding, can they afford to set standards at all?


UPDATE: Scrolling down the mug shots, look who else showed up? A den of thieves, sure, but at least it was a family affair.

Alix Noel Taub and her probation officer


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65 responses to ““Real Walt” resurfaces at Belle Haven Club

  1. anonymous

    Old? I think the Swiss Brazillian Monica looks great. Good face work. Dr. Aston? Dan Baker? If they used stolen funds to pay for their charity party tickets, does that mean they used stolen funds to pay for that face? If Picard gets the Madoff money back does she get her old face back? How does that work?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I am thinking maybe I should become a “Professional” Real Estate Agent. Why not? I know how to drive so I have all the requisite skills. Is there any other requirement? Do you need a sponsor? Can you teach me the “We screwed them” secret handshake?

    What else do I need to know? I won’t steal anything like most agents do. I have already done enough of that. I may do an occasional panty sniff, but that isn’t against the rules, is it? If it is, I may have to reconsider. I just can’t resist. You can relate to that, right?

    Do we have an annual outing? Where we play golf, get drunk, and try and diddle the GAR Evil Princess? That little minx. I know she is hot for me. Maybe she waives my dues?

    Do you and Francis need a partner? Do I need to be a Commie to join, or just a liberal who scams the system, and is totally full of shit? Like Elizabeth Warren. I can go either way.

    And what exactly is “curb appeal”? Some submissive sex type stuff I assume? Do you need to bring condoms to open houses, or does the listing broker provide them?

    Get back to me and let me know. I think selling dirt could be very exciting. Did you give Paula my number yet?
    Your Pal,

  3. Hat In Hand? Lookng for Handouts?

    Drown the sorrow in alcohol. Monica is not old looking. Her plastic surgeon has done wonders for her. Stop being so mean to the clan. They are nice people. That is why the are invited. They good company.

  4. No Black People

    Blacks are 25% of wounded soldiers. No one in the crowd. But Alix Noel Toub sure gets plenty of coverage. Our society is screwed up.

  5. Cake thing …wierd ?
    “Let them eat cake”…whole new meaning…..

  6. Stump

    People like Hat in Hand care only whether people “fit in,” not whether they’re honest or not. What does it say about their society if crooks like the Noels are “good company” to them?

  7. The Duke of Deception

    In glancing through those photo’s, the Duke concludes that Greenwich “society” ain’t what it used to be. Whether this is good or bad…

  8. Fake Walt

    Bro! What’s the big deal? I’m just enjoying a drink with my old friend Johnny. Good old boys never change. Plus my wife is still smoking hot you pervert.

    There is this thing everyone keeps mentioning. It has something to do with a ponzy scheme involving this guy they call Bernie and due diligence whatever that is. My memory is not as good as it once was. A long time has passed since that thing they said I did. Anyways, the shrimp cocktail is as good as I remember it Gotta run!

    Off to Geneva

    Kind regards,
    Fake Walt

  9. Indeed, such a lovely clan.

  10. AJ Nock

    All those 1 pecenters and they only cough up 22 large? Cheap bastards.

  11. Nice Tie

    Walt is sure a snappy dresser. Just put in a little more “Just for Dishonest Men” hair dye and they are ready for the next event.

  12. Anon

    Where’s Laura McCloy? She launched the Noels on Greenwich. Not there? Maybe she was home sick.

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Wounded Warriors is an amazing charity that does great work for our nation’s veterans. Perhaps the Noel’s were guests at a donor’s table. Does it really matter? Because last I heard, a man is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. Speaking of which – where is that legal process going?
    I, for one, would hide my head in shame and give back most of the stolen money, but the Noel’s have always been about publicizing themselves. Which is why they are so reviled.

    • Walter Noel is a fraud and a thief who stole millions of dollars from friends and strangers alike. Feel free to browse this blog for full details of his perfidy He should be Sharing a cell with Bernie, his son in laws near by, but instead he’s on Round Hill pretending to be a decent citizen.
      Wounded Warriors is indeed beyond reproach-Noel, not so much. Hang him high.

  14. Alix Fan Club

    Lay off Alix. She is the sweetest thing since sugar was invened. Do not drag her to the mudfields. She had nothing to do with Madoff. Honest. Her husband had no knowledge either. Just good salesman selling a rotten product. Think this happens everyday on Wall Street. Turn your attention to Fuld and others.

    • She’s living on stolen money and her husband knew, had to know he was participating in a massive fraud. The day Bernie was busted December 12, 2008, i went on the Internet looking for a Greenwich connection and Fairfield Greenwich Group was the first firm to pop up. I regret now not taking a screen shot of their “Due Diligence” page but I assure you, they claimed to vet “each” (they only had one) fund manager they invested with, ran annual audits, met personally with each (there’s that word again) manager several times a year and so on ad nauseum. In truth and in fact, FGG merely scooped up everything they could persuade people to give to them and shoveled it to Bernie. No audits, no personal meetings, no inspections or scrutiny whatsoever. They continued this for years, charging hundreds of millions of dollars in fees and only stopped when the music did.
      To claim that Taub had no knowledge of this is ludicrous – what did he claim he was being paid for if not to ‘invest” his client5s’ money? You don’t invest when you’re merely serving as a conduit, yet Taub was pocketing the same huge fees as his father in law. No innocent dupe here.

  15. anon

    GG: Were he to sit at a table with you at a charity event, what would you do? Get up and walk away? Or pretend, like everyone else does, that he’s a regular guy? No one in these photos seems to see him as “so reviled.”

  16. anonymous

    Those Noels are not welcome at the Beach Club in Southampton. Not only were they blackballed, but when they brazenly tried to use the club anyway, on the coattails of their son in law Toub, and his family, they were actually told (had to be told) not to come. They appear to be welcome at Belle Haven, which used to be known around here as “the beach club” back when it was more old shoe. What does that say about Greenwich “society” or whatever is passing as such these days? Chris you are doing the work that the Feds and the SEC have failed to do in continuing to bring the heinous crimes of Walter Noel and his sons in law to light in whatever fashion. Good for you.

  17. Georgie

    anon at 6:04 pm….I would ask to be seated elsewhere. I couldn’t stand the sight of this crook—and the rest of the family.

    I have read countless reports and this FAMILY–the whole lot of them—were accepting money for decades from unsuspecting investors knowing that this Madoff was a crook. Noel and the husbands of all these so-called Nice Girls didn’t perform due dligence, didn’t ask probing questions, look at the books, nothing.

    It takes some big hutzpah to show up to a charity—and in Greenwich—for soldiers who died for this country when these crooks have paid no price, no prison, and no repayment to all the investors hosed by their nefarious dealings.

    BTW, I saw Bernie Madoff’s wife in Old Greenwich last week…..she looked tan, healthy, and boyount. Seriously.

  18. Brown Eyed Girl

    The Wounded Warriors event was held at Belle Haven, but Toub & Noel are members at the venerated Round Hill Club. Perhaps embarrassing for many fine families who are also RHC members, but they must have a few pals left on the Board. There’s a black sheep in every family, and what is a Club if not a big dysfunctional family?

  19. Inagua


    Here is a link to the FGG sales brochure. Te big lies are on pages 14 thru 18.


  20. Anonymous

    anon at 6:04: i would have absolutely no reservations whatsoever to tell the noel’s straight to their face that they’re fkucing scumbags and don’t deserve the chair they’re sitting in at a ww event. if it got me kicked out, so be it. in the past i’ve been fortunate to donate time & money to that wonderful organization, and the noel’s don’t have one infinitesimal fraction of the decency, morality and courage those fine men & women of ww possess every single day.

    i know a couple of good, hardworking folks who’ve lost everything they had due to scumbag feeder funds like the one the noel’s ran (or run). we’re not talking millions of $ or the “woe is me, i’ve gotta sell the palm beach house but at least keep the greenwich backcountry estate” ilk. we’re talking retired blue collar working folks, plumbers, nurses, etc., and their modest savings vanished.

    there’s a special place in hell for each one of the scumbags who were part of the madoff fraud. i wish them all a remaining lifetime of being destitute and/or in jail, and that their path to the afterlife can’t come soon enough.

  21. Oscar de la Rental

    Those dresses look like they were made from shower curtains. Blech!

  22. Greenwich Gal

    So, Anon – I suppose you are the same Anon who was giving me such grief for my previous support of Bloomberg and was so ugly about it?
    Well, here is your answer.
    I have supported Wounded Warriors for years. Yes, I was surprised to see the Noel’s at the event. And no – I do not hang with the Noels nor admire them in any way. However, I would never ruin an important charity event for something as important as our veterans by calling out Walter Noel and making an unpleasant scene. Why? – it is not necessary and only ruins a lovely night. That would be a terribly disrespectful to the veterans and organizers who worked so hard to create a special evening and it would take attention away from them and the task at hand. Besides, everyone already knows who the Noels are and what they are about. Sometimes, the wheels of justice turn slowly.

  23. anon

    GG: different anon than the bloomberg critic anon. i was simply curious, not being judgmental. i’d be hard-pressed to sit at the same table with any of them, and I’m disappointed that the WW charity would want his money.

  24. AJ

    Good link Inagua. A very nice brochure with quotes from Wittgenstein to Rumi and a little art from Magritte to Monet. I’m just disappointed they had no offices in Milan and Paris.

  25. anonymous

    The issue here is not who hates the Noels more and how one would demonstrate that disapproval. The issue is here in our midst we have evil doers, people who have evidently broken the law and seriously harmed others, who have thus far suffered very few consequences, if any, for their malfeasance. Monica and Walter were captured at this one event, but they have been openly swanning around Southampton, Palm Beach, Switzerland, the Caribbean, 812 Park Avenue, etc. They are received at some of the finest tables in town by otherwise upstanding hosts and hostesses. The are still welcome at, and members of, fine clubs which otherwise hold themselves above reproach. What needs to happen is, rather than fantasize about snubbing Monica or Marissa in the powder room at Doubles, those people who are harboring them need to be exposed. Johnny McCloy, never the brightest bulb in the chandelier, remains at their side (Missy not so much evidently). There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of misguided others who are leaders in business, society and philanthropy who quietly are supporting them as if they had lost a loved one and need the strength of friendships during this “difficult time.” If in fact Walter and his sons in law are guilty of crimes they need to be prosecuted and tried. Those people who piously hold themselves as examples in the upper classes, who greet the family warmly, then at the same time with a wink and telephone gossip behind their backs, need to be identified and exposed. Internet accessible forums like this one help bring some shame to light. It should be happening on the main stage, not in dark corners of the electronic media. With billions likely stashed away out of sight, Walter and his brood will never be poor. What can be taken away from them is their social currency, which they continue to flaunt.

  26. browbeater44

    This scene is, to me, nothing short of a rank obscenity. I see a CEO from wall street firm who recently fired 30% of their staff consorting with likes of a Maddoff bag man while pretending to support our troops? The above comments are spot on when asking where are the people of color and more succinct in noting that these pillars of wealthy society raised 22K ….wow …shameful. Can we see if that relative pittance even makes it to some of our troops in need? I bet its going right in someone’s pocket anyway. A true den of thieves. I like seeing social wannabe’s like a member of a firm hit on 9/11 with people like the noels and act like its a stamp of approval. Its quite appropro as he leads a firm courtesy of the fact its ltrue leadership was wiped on 9/11. A true war profiteer. All I ask is that these people not use the military as an excuse to crawl out of their lairs…all of my family was in the marine corps, please leave them out of your poisonous travails.

  27. Greenwich Gal

    Anon at 8:27
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I too, believe that the Noel’s were in cahoots with Madoff. I too, believe that, even in the very best light, they were criminally negligent. I am appalled by them and the way they swan around, just as you are. But I am not going to display even worse manners at a party. That is a given.
    However – do NOT blame the Wounded Warriors organization for their attendence. I have no idea how they got in, but as I said earlier perhaps they were guests of a person who purchased a table. Perhaps they sent in their check like everyone else. It is not the job of the committee to vet attendees to just those people they approve of. It was an open event. It was an event that was also accessible to people at many different price levels, which I think is noble, so even some “non 1%ers” as you say, could attend and support our soldiers.
    As for the 22,000 dollars – that money came from the JUNIOR COMMITTEE – money raised by a bunch of 14-16 year old boys. So let’s get out facts straight. No shame in that, at all. So, please – no complaining about this wonderful organization just because a couple of frauds attended.
    And yes, evil lurks in our world every day and every way. Walt and Monica just happen to love the limelight and strive to be famous or infamous, either way is fine with them I think. Perhaps they can start a Kardashian – like reality show.

  28. Baby Pants!

    Stop whining. You are just jealous of Noel’s. Go start your own multi-international firm and raise millions then complain. They did something you will never do. Shut up already on Noel. They beat the system. You just JEALOUS.

  29. browbeater44

    “just because a couple of frauds attended” listen to yourself ….

  30. Walt

    Dude –
    Who is the hottie in the green dress? She has a sweaty shiny face, but you could pull a bag over that and play with her fun bags for a long time. An A+ set of hooters. I am shallow in that way. I trade tits for personality all day long. And you can just do her doggie style while you hang on to her sweater puppies.
    Am I right?
    Your Pal,

  31. browbeater44

    those young kids should have been enamored to shake the great hand of walter noel…what a moment …way to start em young in greenwich.

  32. Greenwich Gal

    So what if they attended??? You are going to go against a good organization because they showed up at an event?? Really? It sounds like you are the one who has questionable values as well! Better look in the mirror. ( You also might take a look at the constitution while you are at it.)

  33. Greenwich Gal

    By the way Browbeater – most of the crowd did not even know the Noel’s were even there. Hundreds attended and I would say that a good portion who might know of him don’t necessarily know what he looks like. They (the Noels) just happened to have their picture taken – (naturally). Certainly the young boys, most of whom go to Greenwich High School, have no idea who he is.

  34. 35 comments

    Way to go Greenwich
    Amazing, the talley has those FOR and against
    Baby pants you mother wears combat boots

  35. relative value

    well, at least we know the noels still sell papers (or generate blog comments). the more we bring them up, the more we like to talk about them.

  36. browbeater44

    you’re known by the company you keep …i’ll leave it there

  37. Greenwich Gal

    Relative Value:
    You are so right – I think it is because The Noels are so very interesting. It is Shakespearean in both a tragic and comic way. The good ol’ boy Walt (who is not the brightest bulb) and his social climbing wife find the way to riches through one of the biggest ponzi schemes in history. Their daughters are taught to value money and press above all else. They are the opposite of “Esse Quam Videri” – to be rather than to seem. In fact they embody the opposite – to seem rather than to be.
    The questions that we have here – which are all valid – is how do people handle others in society who may have committed grievous wrongs but are not proven, but highly suspected?

  38. Pollyanna

    I think it speaks volumes about our own value system when we ask “how do we handle others…” meanwhile posing for photos. I don’t know anyone in these photos but surely one or more of them could have, and should have, walked away from a Noel daughter, or the Noels themselves when asked to have a photo taken. That could be step one.

    If we do nothing, we’ve let the Noels (or whoever is the next white collar crime family du jour) win at their own game. And that’s just what they are counting on.

  39. Greenwich Gal

    I would not have my photo taken with them – but am I going to start a scream session at a charity event? – no way. And yes, I DO question the ethics of those who continue to hold them up as normal citizens. However, as I have said before – the reputation of WOUNDED WARRIORS should not be tainted simply because the Noels attended a function.

  40. How to make amends

    If the Noels took a vow of poverty and gave ALL their money to the YMCA of Greenwich—-would it be acceptable for the charity to keep the money?
    Would they be forgiven for their crime? Ignorance? sin?

    • But How, they don’t have any money to give. Every penny they hold has been stolen from someone else. When a robber is forced to disgorge what he’s taken, do we applaud his “charity”? I think not.

  41. Up Yours

    Respect the Noels OK. They have added to the economy of Mustique by pumping money into the building trade there and helping the native Mustiques make a living. They give to charity. They are social animals who give it their all for years. Can you say the same? The employ paparazzi who cover their every move. They keep the bloggers busy. So in some respects, they deserve your respect. So change your tune about these respectable people OK? Think abou all the money they spend to keep the party going in SOuthampton and maintaining that economy too. Be grateful for Noel and company.

  42. Wayback Machine

    Chris – here’s a link back to the due diligence page that the FFG had on their website…circa 2007


  43. Pollyanna

    GG: are we to believe that you have never been to any Greenwich function other than this WW charity in which you’ve been seated with or in the close company of any of the Noels – parents or daughters and spouses? Okay, so you don’t make a fuss at the charity, fine, but how do you handle the situation say, at the RHClub or at a cocktail party or a dinner party? It comes down to playing right into their hands by allowing them to fit in socially and feel accepted. If no one will make a stink or walks away from a photo op or says something to the host later, like if the Noels are on your guest list again, kindly do not include me, how will they ever get the hint that their behavior, immoral if not yet found illegal, is acceptable.

  44. AJ

    Has anyone bothered to Google John J. McCloy? Interesting, to say the least.

  45. Greenwich Gal

    I do not know the Noels. They do not know me. We go to different clubs. We are of different generations. I have never been around them socially except at very large charity functions where I never had any interaction with them and I have consciously avoided them. As I have said, I do not agree with how they have handled their business or any of this regarding the Bernie Madoff scandal.

    However, that being said, I do know people who DO interact with them. I know people who think they are innocent and people who think they are guilty. As you can imagine, different opinion abounds in this community about what they knew, when they knew it and how they have behaved.The same goes for the Wilpon family who people defend vigorously. My friends who defend the Noel family say they are loyal because to abandon one’s friends when the chips are down is despicable and to stand by one’s friends is the noble thing to do. But as to the question of what would I do if I was at a cocktail party and they were there? Honestly – nothing. I would try avoidance. I might question the friendship with the Noels at a later date, but I would not horrify my hostess with a shout out right then and there because ultimately – I do not know the facts of the case. I do not know enough of the details to cast judgement. I might think they are gulity (I do ) but I do not KNOW that they are guilty. I do not KNOW that money has been stashed away in Switzerland. Do you? Many people in this world who are perceived as gulity have been discovered to actually be innocent, so even though I think that is doubtful and I may not approve of their manners, I will reserve ultimate judgement after the court case exposes the total situation. Will justice be served in the end? Who knows?

    • GG, while Walter Noel has not even been charged with a violation of a criminal law, let alone convicted, you’re restraint is well founded. But he did knowingly lie to investors by asserting that he was carefully selecting the fund managers he was entrusting their money to and he pocketed a 20% fee, every year (!) as “payment” for that service. It is quite clear that he never monitored Madoff’s performnce – turns out that no one could – so his collecting those fees was fraudulent. I think he should be in jail, though that’s not going to happen, but there’s no reason to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t complicit in this scheme – he was, period. The fact that he has kept every penny he stole and continues to use it to maintain his membership at the Round Hill Club and attend charity functions is despicable.

  46. anonymous

    Sons of famous fathers and all that. Of course, there is this:


    • Well there’s no correlation between IQ and that sort of difficulty – it’s an affliction that strikes all economic strata, all classes of people.

  47. Inagua

    Chris – One small correction, Walt did not keep every penny he stole. He paid full restitution to his Massachusetts victims. It was only about $7 million, which is probably why he paid rather than risk a precedent setting verdict that could affect the big case. When Walt loses the big case, he and his partners will be liable for all they stole, just under a billion.

  48. browbeater44

    the whole thing stinks

  49. Greenwich Gal

    Yes, CF as I said at the very least he has been criminally negligent in his fiduciary duties. I hope the courts hit him hard! But he deserves his day in court nevertheless. Thank God he is not at my club.

  50. anon

    Gotta love Greenwich: a husband caught having an affair will become a social pariah in a nanosecond but not if he’s a financial wizard gone bad. Cents and centsability!?

  51. anonymous

    For the record Johnny and his questionable IQ didn’t get the dui above. Missy did. God punishing her for unleashing the Noels on Greenwich? Just saying…

  52. AJ

    What is wrong with those Round Hill people? The Noel’s wouldn’t dare show their faces at Club Spanky. Not even after the club lost some of its prestige with Alfalfa going off to sing opera.

  53. Noel, champion of the masses

    I guess Noel’s not so bad, really.
    Like Robin Hood, he stole from the rich
    (in his case, distain for the poor was a good thing)

  54. MC

    OMG! Scroll the pics if you want to piss your pants laughing.

  55. browbeater44

    you have all completely missed the point

  56. find walto

    fwiw: if you enlarge the photo of everyone seated under the tent, you can see Walt facing the camera. Find the red ladder in the back left, then look down. McCloy’s bald head is seen sitting opposite Walt.

  57. Whisper, don't shout

    Brow–what point?
    65 comments and still no one would break social etiquette.
    Not even a Personal FU in the ear–not to him or her–never at an event!