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Walker crushes Barrett – suicide watch ordered for Dollar Bill

But I thought everybody LOVED unionized public sponges!

58% to 45% it seems (accounting for the Madison over-vote). Regardless of the final tally, the networks have called it for Walker.

UPDATE: Turn that machine back on!!! Over at Democratic Underground they’re going absolutely nuts: “NBC is full of shit! Madison polls aren’t even closed yet!” Hang onto your hats when the spin machine hits tomorrow but tonight, just enjoy the shocked anguish.

UPDATE II: all the media exit polls had it neck and neck – in fact, Google News was leading with “too close to call” until 10:15 Eastern Time. If the final tally comes in at the 60%-40% now predicted, it’ll be fair to ask if the media’s exit polls are really that worthless or whether the lefties who run these things were in the tank for Barrett. Regardless, the network news operations won’t be covering themselves in glory on this one.

RELATED: even little pissant papers in – where else – Madison were desperately denying that Walker was ahead.

Here’s what the NYT was still reporting 40 minutes after the polls had closed:

Michael D. Shear

Close Race Could Mean Recount; Absentee Ballots Remain

The extremely close race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett has raised the prospect that a recount might be requested to determine the winner.

Wisconsin election law does not provide for an automatic recount to be set off by a close race. Instead, it allows either of the candidates to request a recount if they think it could affect the outcome.

If the difference between the two candidates is .5 percent or less, the state would pay for a recount. If the difference is from .5 percent to 2 percent, the candidate requesting must pay $5 per ward to recount the votes. Candidates must pay the entire cost of a recount if the difference is more than 2 percent.

But the question of a recount may be difficult to determine Tuesday night because of the state’s rules involving absentee ballots.

The deadline for returning a filled-out absentee ballot in person was Tuesday. But absentee ballots are also accepted by mail until this Friday as long as they were postmarked by Tuesday.

In an extremely close race, a significant number of mailed-in absentee ballots could affect whether the candidate or the state would have to pay for a recount.


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Hmm… Florida’s homestead exemption offers the strongest defense against creditors in the country

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Eddie Lampert has left Greenwich and moved his hedge fund to Florida. There are plenty of good reasons why someone would no longer wish to be milked by the Hartford Dairy Maids, but then there’s that homestead exemption and ….


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The must have bused in voters from Chicago


I don’ see no intimidation, jus’ folks protectin’ they civil rights

Madison, WI reports voter turnout at 119%. Obama has dispatched Eric Holder and his DOJ goons to watch for voter fraud during the Walker election. This would be the same man who killed an investigation into Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia in 2008, so what are the odds he’ll be looking into this?

Thought so.


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So what exactly were the Democrats trying to fund with taxpayers’ dollars?

The headquarters for “People’s World”, a hard hitting organ of the communist party that publishes objective news articles like this:

Cuba celebrates International Children’s Day

HAVANA (Cuban News Agency) – For sure, neither global crisis nor imperial blockade can wipe away the smile of Cuba’s boys and girls. Cuba puts itself onto a fiesta footing each June 1 to entertain “those they know” who want every happiness, love, and an unforgettable International Children’s Day.

Cuban children can celebrate and they have reason to do so. There will never be enough gratitude and praise for the endless work of achieving love, justice, respect, and safety for children – which the Revolution defends against wind and tides for the sake of its youngest children.

Platitudes, excuses, empty talk? It’s nothing like that. The truth has to be said and repeated, especially when life’s pressures and things taken for granted keep us from not paying due attention to something as certain as that the sun will dawn on Friday, like it always does, with millions of boys and girls around the world deprived of their most elemental rights.

Far from celebrating, the world should be shedding oceans of tears out of anger, pain, and shame for all those who have died, are dying now, and are yet to die through bombs, slave labor, sexual exploitation, pollution, drugs, preventable and curable sicknesses, or the scalpel robbing children of their vital organs, one by one. [I don’t think they’re talking about abortion here, but who knows? – ED] 

The tragedy of a childhood denied or snatched away for millions of human beings, provokes in Cubans a mixture of indignation and relief. We feel safe, like an oasis in the midst of so great a desert. We have the rare privilege of being able to propose plans for ourselves to shore up rights guaranteed for all, equally, including from before birth. [Again with abortion? Ed]

“Cuba is the paradise of childhood and the world ought to look more at that country. It has much to learn there.” This is something José Juan Ortiz Brú, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) representative, has said more than once about the island.

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Sometimes a little sunshine disinfects


As Berlin goes, so goes New Haven?

No money for commie headquarters in New Haven. Not in this year’s budget, anyway. I’m sure they’ll be back, but in this war, we have to to take it one battle at a time.

A proposal to use state money for a New Haven community center that includes a tenant affiliated with the Communist Party was blocked Monday following objections from two Republican leaders as well as veterans.

The $300,000 in state bond money for improvements to the New Haven Peoples Center had been opposed by state Sen. Andrew Roraback, R-Goshen, and state Rep. Sean Williams, R-Watertown because the building houses a bureau of People’s World, a Communist Party newspaper. They said the state shouldn’t fund any project that is connected to partisan group.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who runs the State Bond Commission panel, said Monday that panel members would not vote on it because of the controversy surrounding the renovation project, as well as push back from veterans.


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Finally, a politician tells the truth


Damn,  I can’t spell kat either!

Joe Biden admits that neither he, nor his boss and especially neither of their wives could have gotten anywhere without the government. I always knew that the community organizer and his wife were useless, no-talent affirmative action babies but I didn’t expect Joe to admit this and I certainly didn’t expect him to confess his own uselessness. Maybe we won’t have to vote them out, maybe they’ll quit, in shame. Ya think?


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Rainy day doldrums

Turns out to have been a good day to step away from the real estate world because nothing happened. Four accepted offers (link to all four here) all in the $2 million or below range, two under-one-million sales reported, and that’s it.

19 Licata terrace, asking $1.695, has another accepted offer. Maybe this one will stick.

59 Londonderry has a buyer as does 19 St. Claire in Old Greenwich. St. Claire sold in a bidding war in 2004 for $1.895 and was asking $1.695 this time. It’s been rented out for most of those eight years and was obviously rode hard and put away wet, so its price suffered.

36 Deepwoods asking $2.2 million has an accepted offer. Sold for $2.1 in 2004.

And that was it.


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Before we celebrate the Walker victory, how about one more run at our favorite Indian?

Don’t want no phony Indians here!

Elizabeth Warren’s legal “scholarship” exposed as tripe. She’s an academic fraud as well as a genealogical hoaxster.

[From a 1990 review of her then-new book]

It is 60 pages of devastating analysis of a book Warren co-authored, As We Forgive Our Debtors: Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America.  This is the money quote reprinted in Leahy’s article:

Most of their study replicates several earlier research publications. These are hardly mentioned. The writers make extravagant and false claims to originality and priority of research. There appear to be serious errors in their use of statistical bases which result in grossly mistaken functions and comparisons. Some of their conclusions cannot be obtained even from their flawed findings. The authors have made their raw data unavailable so that its accuracy cannot be independently checked. In my opinion, the authors have engaged in repeated instances of scientific misconduct. [emphasis added]

In those 60 pages, Professor Shuchman demonstrates time and again how Warren and her co-authors jumped to conclusions, proclaimed new findings which were not new, and most importantly, ignored or did not accurately reflect data.


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Gresham’s Law strikes the coffee market

Here’s mud in your eye!

As Walt will tell you, Gresham’s Law, “bad money drives out good”, applies to all sorts of economic endeavors, even, say, his favorite pit stop, Beemers”. Now it’s spreading into an area that I do care about, coffee, as Nestle is using new machines to drive out fresh-ground coffee and baristas. Cheap powdered coffee and a machine that stamps out the same consistent product is winning favor at coffee bars in Europe where a simple espresso can already cost four euros.

I do have fond memories of Nescafé because it was my staple drink in 1972 when I was 18 and living in Crete in a bamboo tool shed overlooking the Mediterranean. Nescafé, powdered cream and sugar, my best friend (and his girl friend Jenny, but she died last year so we’ll pass a benign eye over her presence), friends in the village, mountains to climb, books to read and moonlight and stars shining on the sea . Paradise.
I’d gladly drink the stuff again if I could return to that time and place but as it is, when it hits these shores, I’ll just quit.

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