Walker crushes Barrett – suicide watch ordered for Dollar Bill

But I thought everybody LOVED unionized public sponges!

58% to 45% it seems (accounting for the Madison over-vote). Regardless of the final tally, the networks have called it for Walker.

UPDATE: Turn that machine back on!!! Over at Democratic Underground they’re going absolutely nuts: “NBC is full of shit! Madison polls aren’t even closed yet!” Hang onto your hats when the spin machine hits tomorrow but tonight, just enjoy the shocked anguish.

UPDATE II: all the media exit polls had it neck and neck – in fact, Google News was leading with “too close to call” until 10:15 Eastern Time. If the final tally comes in at the 60%-40% now predicted, it’ll be fair to ask if the media’s exit polls are really that worthless or whether the lefties who run these things were in the tank for Barrett. Regardless, the network news operations won’t be covering themselves in glory on this one.

RELATED: even little pissant papers in – where else – Madison were desperately denying that Walker was ahead.

Here’s what the NYT was still reporting 40 minutes after the polls had closed:

Michael D. Shear

Close Race Could Mean Recount; Absentee Ballots Remain

The extremely close race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett has raised the prospect that a recount might be requested to determine the winner.

Wisconsin election law does not provide for an automatic recount to be set off by a close race. Instead, it allows either of the candidates to request a recount if they think it could affect the outcome.

If the difference between the two candidates is .5 percent or less, the state would pay for a recount. If the difference is from .5 percent to 2 percent, the candidate requesting must pay $5 per ward to recount the votes. Candidates must pay the entire cost of a recount if the difference is more than 2 percent.

But the question of a recount may be difficult to determine Tuesday night because of the state’s rules involving absentee ballots.

The deadline for returning a filled-out absentee ballot in person was Tuesday. But absentee ballots are also accepted by mail until this Friday as long as they were postmarked by Tuesday.

In an extremely close race, a significant number of mailed-in absentee ballots could affect whether the candidate or the state would have to pay for a recount.


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15 responses to “Walker crushes Barrett – suicide watch ordered for Dollar Bill

  1. Mr. EOS

    Yes!!! I didn’t see this post so I commented in another congratulating a fine man Walker.

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Phil’s sister lives in Madison — can’t wait to get her take.

  3. It was his idea

    The coverage on MSNBC hilarious. They announced Walker’s win and went immediately to other “news”. We’re walking, we’re walking……

  4. Lee

    nice work, bring the anti tax road show to maryland please

  5. Al Dente

    When you say “suicide watch” you mean we get to watch it, right? Put me down for 4 tickets, wife and kiddies want to go.

  6. Anonymous

    This is major news-The Dems. in Wisc. gave Walker more votes this time and are starting to figure out local goverenment is costing their personal pocketbooks.

  7. Balzac

    Walker institutes collective bargaining reforms in 2011. One is that deduction of union dues from paychecks is not automatic: the employee actually gets to choose. Surprise! Two-thirds of union members decide that they can use the money better than the union, so they decline. Unions go bat_ _ _ t. First jihad: in 2011 they try to recall and oust a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge. They fail. Second jihad: in 2011-2012 they try to recall Republican state senators. Two are ousted, but that is failure, because four would have been needed to flip the Wisconsin Senate. WI Senate retains its Republican majority. Third jihad to replace Walker fails today.

    Wisconsin went for Obama in 2008 by 14 points. Now it seems to be a toss-up. Good sign for America and for prosperity.

  8. God Bless USA

    Thank you.
    America is waking up.

  9. Anonymous

    Legal Insurrection has fireworks and John Phillips Souza music blasting in their site. 😆

    Oh happy day, cheeseheads! Bring it to California next please.

  10. Real Torme

    That’s John Philip Sousa

  11. anon

    I’m waiting to hear from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz this morning. Hope she’s carrying a shovel to dig herself out of the “dry run for the fall” hole.

    As you predicted, MSNBC is blaming the Republican money machine for the Walker victory, not that the man out-campaigned and did a good job for the residents of WI. Minor detail, the MSM neglect to report that Soros gives 50 time more money than the Koch brothers.

  12. gloater

    don’t you just love when the liberal media have egg all over their face?? i do!

  13. Peg

    Wisconsin residents can actually get free choice AND some fiscal sanity. Amazing.

    No wonder $Bill is on suicide watch.

  14. Georgie

    Way to Go Walker!!!!

    Walker showed a lot of guts taking on the Wisconsin unions, the actual birthplace of Collective Bargaining. As I heard it said by a voter last night, Walker could have just set up some stupid blue ribbon commission to study the “issues”….but instead once elected, made it a priority, and got it done. The state is all the better for it today, with a $150 million surplus instead of $3.4 billion deficit.

    Just look at our (weak) local FS who has a commission, a task force, a study group for just about every “politically sensitive” issue there is that could possibly cost a vote.

    The media is blathering on trying to explain the win as Republican money machine—give me a break—when you consider the pot of gold the Unions spent on this election.