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I’m guessing the judge will come down somewhere between one of these recommendations

Who knew Stanford was an LGBT?

U.S. Prosecutor asks for sentence of 230 years for Allen Stanford – defense suggests 31 months. That’s a rather large gap.

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This should put him over the top


Damn, I’m smart!

Fresh from Wisconsin disaster, Obummer scurries to Hollywood where tonight he’ll attend four separate LGTB fundraisers. Gays, drag queens and movie stars: a winning combination in D.C.,  New York and academia, but surely even an affirmative action baby can count, can’t he?


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Five sales

Old contracts, but sales and selling prices reported today.[Links deleted at demand of Greenwich Association of Realtors]

27 Midwood (Deer Park), $7.3 million.[rest of this paragraph deleted at demand of the Greenwich Association of Realtors]

62 Brookridge, (off of Fairfield, by the High School), $4.2 million. Started a year before at $5.5 million.

27 Ridgebrook – meh – $1.7 on a $1.975 ask.

43 Summit, railroad side, basic cape, untouched, $720,000, asked $850,000 but accepted this offer quickly last February so I suppose the heirs weren’t all that serious about their price.

56 Laddins Rock Road enjoyed a bidding war of sorts, selling for $600,000 when it was asking just $575,000. The joy of the sellers was probably tempered by the fact they’ve been trying to unload this place since 2009, when they started at $949,000. Guess they finally got the price right.


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Determined to leave nothing to their invaders, France doubles-down on scorched earth policy

Lowers retirement age to 60. Who will pay for this? Presumably their new immigrant friends from North Africa, or perhaps they remember events of 68 years ago and are counting on our coming again. They should drop a note to Scott Walker.


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My God, they’ll be in Cos Cob next!

Your brave Realtor, valiantly defending local real estate values

In a powerful sign that grizzlies have lowered their standards, police arrested a bear today in Chickahominy. If they continue this sad decline, they’ll soon arrive in the midst of our middle-eastern neighbors in Greenwich’s banking center. Sure glad I have hunting weapons, but what are you gonna do?


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Typical house, typical sale


Plain Vanilla

26 Hill Road, asking $2.480 million, has an accepted offer after 60 days. That’s the range that’s selling these days, this is the house. If $2.5 million can be considered mere “shelter”, this is a shelter sale.


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Obviously the kid doesn’t share his old man’s taste in blogs, so he’s making something of himself

Friend and reader Tom Kazazes’ 16-year-old son Peter has developed an algorithm that instantly coverts Twitter tweets into poll data. Politicians this morning, movies and such not next. Peter keeps this up, Tom may not have to worry about Wall Street tanking after all. This story just confirms my theory of what’s wrong with Greece: all the smart folk with get-up-and-go got up and went, long ago. We won but Greece lost.

[Sorry, can’t seem to get the video to embed, but this link will, like the Staple Singers, take you there]



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Remember when this blog was almost entirely devoted to real estate?

It will be again, I promise, just as soon as there’s real estate activity to report. On the other hand the lack of activity is noteworthy in itself. There’s nothing of significance to report today aside from some price cuts that are neither surprising nor large enough to make a difference.

But I’m still showing houses to buyers, as are many other agents out there, so there should be some sales coming. Right now, however, the stalemate between sellers and buyers continues. sellers seem convinced that 2006 prices will come again, if they can just hang on long enough, while buyers are looking for a price that justifies committing now rather than wait for future developments. Not a single buyer I know feels the least fear that they’re missing a bargain by not buying now and until they do, they’ll wait.


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With Debbie Wasserman as DNC Chairman, can we possibly lose?

After the polls closed, an exhausted Debbie Wasserman relaxed

I know, don’t get cocky, but I do find it comforting that the Democrats have selected one of their very dimmest (now that Joe Biden has removed himself to Blair House) members to head up this fall’s election campaign. How good is she at taking the pulse of voters and predicting election results?

This good:


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From a gloating reader


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Doth protest too much?

Emerging from the cone of silence

Senate Democrats furious over national security leaks from the White House. Given the political leanings of our community organizer and “his people” and considering that Obummer campaign head David Axlerod participates in the weekly assassination hit-list review, it’s entirely possible that a staffer who hates Israel and the United States is doing his best to derail both countries. It is equally possible, I think, that the Democrats should take a close look at their own staff. The infection is widespread.

“A number of those leaks, and others in the last months about drone activities and other activities, are frankly all against national-security interests,” said Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. “I think they’re dangerous, damaging, and whoever is doing that is not acting in the interest of the United States of America.”


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