Finally, an accepted offer reported


GAR approved photo

5 Bridle Path Lane, Riverside waterfront, asking $5.975. Started at $12 million in April 2004 but given enough time, even a Realtor can figure out the right price.


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11 responses to “Finally, an accepted offer reported

  1. Georgie

    No wonder you don’t fit in with most of your RE colleagues. I couldn’t keep the necessary poker face to a client to pay $6 million for basically dirt, albeit ocean front. Not in this market—and not with the plentiful inventory in this price range.

    I miss your GAR substitute picture…..the laugh for the day seeing what scrubby house you could find to replace GAR link .

  2. GeorgeCrosley

    I thnk it’s Bridle Path, like bridles on a horse, not bridal gowns.

    • Of course you’re right, although depending on your view of what this sells for (and I like $5.9 far more than $12), some amusing terms relating to the wedding night come to mind.

  3. anon

    Judging by the fact that all the photos in the listing are of the exterior, I take it this was a land sale.

  4. Anonymous

    This year in RS, 21 Shoalpoint sold for $5.3 million (zillow $3.995million),
    46 Carriglea for $5 million (zillow $2.05million),
    16 Marlow for $4.525million (zillow $3.395million)
    Tough to trust Zillow to me.

    • I think we’ve had this discussion (many times) before, but again: Zillow’s estimates range from spot-on to stupidly low to crazy high. They can blame their errors on their computers; what excuse can an agent give for knowing the precise neighborhood and the house in question and still valuing it at twice its ultimate selling price?

  5. AJ

    I believe that it was in the 80s, though I could be wrong and it might have been the 90s, that 50s houses on the water on the old Bonham estate, such as Bridle Lane, were going for around $5 million (asking price). Looks like things haven’t appreciated much since then. But looking at this sale, I’d hate to be the guy that recently paid $5 million, if my memory serves me correctly, for a house on the most crowded section of Riverside Ave. Not much of a view there.

    • In defense of this Bridle Path sale, the Kirkham property next door sold for $10 million in 2010 – also a waterfront sale (house was immediately torn down) so I understand why this one started at $12. Still can’t figure put that Kirkham price and apparently no one besides its buyer could either.
      But yeah, $5 million for Riverside Avenue (a sale at a loss, rumor has it) or Pinecrest? I think they’re both nuts.

  6. Anonymous

    12 million was a joke and the 1st realtor should be ashamed of himself!!!!!!!!

  7. Georgie

    There you go…..gotta luv these pics.