Got that right


Mike Bloomberg’s grandmother?


THERE’S STILL A WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION? Apparently so. That’s interesting. Now shut up — you people caused enough trouble in the last century. . . .


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  1. mc

    nice pic. fudruckers halloween??

  2. Balzac

    The nanny state weakens personal liberty, while relieving people of responsibility for themselves. Since it cloaks itself in warm platitudes about caring for something, someone, somewhere, it is seductive. Like many seductions, it is false.
    In a surprise, did the RTM Monday night actually reject a nanny-state directive to turn off those leaf blowers?
    Does this mean that even in deep-Democrat Connecticut, the libertarian/conservative view is growing in popularity?
    Hooray for small victories! On to larger ones!

  3. AJ

    In the Nanny States of America, a country that wages war against its own children, it is becoming a common practice to have the police come in and slap handcuffs on children for farting in school. Didn’t anyone tell them that holding it in can lead to serious health problems.

    What this amounts to, besides being a form of terrorism against children and anti-humanistic, is the criminalization of being out of fashion for as I recall in reading “Renoir My Father” many years ago was, as the book described, a time in history when farting in public was just beginning to become ill mannered. Since when are bad (changing) manners considered a crime?

    While I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t find a copy of that page of the book online, I did find this choice item that’s in a similar vein, showing just how far we have descended as a civilization since that time to a world where no one is allowed to have any fun. Behold the following excerpt (of course it’s French):

    “Have you ever run across the 19th century French music-hall star Joseph Pujol? He was quite a phenonemon, a huge star who was known as “le petomane,” or “the fartiste.” That’s right: Pujol was a specialty act, and virtuoso farting was his specialty. He had a long and busy career, and performed his act all over France. He had his greatest success at the Moulin Rouge, where he outgrossed (if that’s the right word) the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt.

    Here’s a description of Pujol’s opening night at the Moulin Rouge:

    Then Le Petomane performed some imitations, using the simple, honest format of announcing and then demonstrating. He displayed his wide sonic range with tenor, baritone, and bass fart sounds. He imitated the farts of a little girl, a mother-in-law, a bride on her wedding night (tiny), the same bride the day after (loud), and a mason (dry– “no cement”). He imitated thunder, cannons (“Gunners stand by your guns! Ready– fire!!”), and even the sound of a dressmaker tearing two yards of calico (a full 10-second rip). After the imitations, Le Petomane popped backstage to put one end of a yard-long rubber tube into his anus. He returned and smoked a cigarette from this tube, after which he used it to play a couple of tunes on a song flute. For his finale he removed the rubber tube, blew out some of the gas-jet footlights from a safe distance away, and then led the audience in a rousing sing- along.”


    We have lost much as a society since the advent of television.

  4. Anonymous

    Have you ever spent a mid-morning driving around some of the town’s tonier streets?

    Small internal combustion engines roaring aplenty, blowing, mowing, trimming, and otherwise keeping things neat and tidy.

    There would probably be an uproar if motors for gardeners were banned.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    AJ: Similar shows are still to be seen just off Sukhumvit Soi 23.