Sotheby’s agent to third party: “We finally got Chris Fountain”

This comment, made before I had received my invitation to attend the police at their headquarters, suggests – in fact, proves, that the GAR put their employee up to filing her complaint with the intent not of seeking protection from a fictitious threat but rather to harass and intimidate me.

Hmm – malicious intent, conspiracy to destroy a business competitor, what else do we have here? Depositions, anyone? Maybe I can sell tickets.


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25 responses to “Sotheby’s agent to third party: “We finally got Chris Fountain”

  1. Stanwich

    Listen CF, if you are going down this road then you gotta do it right. That means depositions, etc. The whole nine yards. Spare no one, scorched earth policy here. I think this fight is setup for you to win. You just need to put some muscle behind it.

    By the way, what does Fudcracker think?

  2. Shoeless

    I’m gonna need more popcorn.

  3. Walt

    Weiselmeister –
    Have you had enough yet? Are you pissed off? I will drag these blue hairs through a hurt patch like they have never seen before. Those twats.

    THEY HOLD A LOSING HAND! Let them come public, those whiney little sluts. The constitution is against them. The Bill of Rights is against them. Common sense is against them. Anyone with a penis is against them. Sorry to leave you out Dude, you not having a penis and and all, but this is serious stuff

    GAR EVIL PRINCESSES – free speech is a right. So back off bitches. Go back to your caves. You hold a losing hand and cannot win. Do you understand that, you sluts? You really can’t.

    That was calm Dude. Right? Working it!!

    Your Pal,

  4. Intimidation - the sincerest form of flattery

    What comes around, goes around. No doubt you will prevail. Small town and it’s politics. I left long ago. The place is not worth it – for what it’s worth!

  5. Daniel

    Intentional infliction of emotional distress? Punitives!

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Maybe I should dust off my CT law license….

  7. Chest pain

    Don’t have a coronary over this. Representing yourself is a fool for a client. Get appropriate lawyer involved. Can you put them out of business? Fight only battles you can win.

    Amazing anyone would see your blog as a threat. You just represent another view.

  8. Out Looking In

    I’ve queued up the Thunderclap Newman- Revolution Greenwich style 2012.

  9. dogwalker

    Anything we plain ol’ folks can do?

  10. i heard a Sothebys guy say the gang believes they have weathered and survived the internet threat and consider themselves past it… hence the down and dirty fight…

  11. smartmutha

    Chris, you should think about adding a “tip jar” to your site. I suspect plenty of us would chip in to help you build up your warchest.

  12. I suggest you hold a peace treaty evening and invite the GAR ladies out for drinks at some local, overpriced watering hole – maybe the newly swanked-up Hojo Hotel bar. They might be nicer to you if you get them soused a few times. If that doesn’t work, you can at least sink back in your chairs and wait to see if any NY attorneys will come and rough up the crowd, so you’ll at least have entertainment.

  13. I Love Greenwich!!!

    I Love Greenwich!!!!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    June 18, 2012 at 10:30 pm
    Boy have you developed an ego to think Seller’s might list with you. To save a small percentage on a commission when you trash their values losing them maybe hundred of thousands of dollars on this blog. Sellers don’t even like you. You could never get them what their home is really worth because you dump on our Town everyday and values everyday – as far you are concerned Greenwich is not a place to live. What in this Town makes you want destory what is so great about Greenwich. I bet if your father was still alive he would be so upset that one of his sons spends his day trashing fellow Greenwich residents and this great Town. He worked so hard his whole life to build the Fountain name in Greenwich and you spend each day degrading it. At least he raised your brother Gideon to uphold the Fountain name and appreciate what this Town offers to its residents each day.

    Has anyone on the RTM or BET even thought about your less than positvie comments about Greenwich real esate and how the 12,000+ people who read your blog, so you say, might affect the future Grand List. Not to mention how homeowners in neighborhoods where you have trashed homes may ulimately cause their values to decrease also.

    One last thing – from my research you don’t own real estate in our Town so your negitive comments have no affect on your property value because you don’t own any. So you don’t even pay taxes in Greenwich. WOW – now that should be enlightening to your readers who are residents of our Town. What is wrong with this picture?

    Let’s see if you post this one.

    • The time you spent on your “research” not only indicates a desperately empty life but also a flawed technique.
      But we’ll put you down as a “maybe’ on the potential customer list, shall we?
      UPDATe: a quick search of your ip address shows that you’ve been reading and whining on this blog since 2006(!). With all that’s happened to real estate values worldwide, do you really still think I’m responsible for lowering Greenwich (real estate) values?
      You live in a remarkably insular cocoon.

  14. Greenwich Lover

    In denial. Greenwich is past it’s heyday. That was in late 1970’s when Mom & Pop stores still existed. Now the Town is filled with superficial want to be’s living off the good name of a Town long past it’s prime. Developers and speculators now just prey on suckers who are foolish to pay inflated and unrealistic prices.

    You sound like a guy who probably lives in a tear down ranch from the late 40’s or early 50’s who is annoyed that your land value continues to slip downward. You are a fool because the overbloated Town government forces you to pay rediculous taxes as well.

    Get out of Town. Find some sucker to buy your place before you jump that sinking ship called S.S.Greenwich.

  15. AJ

    What would your father say; your brother is the good one? What is this, the argument of someone who has no valid points to make? No doubt our erudite researcher, after scouring land records, also found that Ms Hasselbeck really didn’t buy a house in Greenwich and doesn’t own anything.

    I thought real estate licensing was state by state and statewide as far as spliting commissions goes, so how do they get away with this exclusive town thing? Sound like tin pot globalists to me. I’m wondering if this short clip captures your GAR essence?

    • My father taught me to tell the truth without regard for effect it might have on other’s opinion and no one was more indifferent to whether someone “liked” him, it was my father. He taught me well; he’d have been proud of me and would have viewed “Greenwich Lover” with contempt.
      Not that he’d care enough to notice her dreary existence.

  16. Cobra

    “I Love Greenwich:” As one who knew Chris’s and Gideon’s father during the early chapters of my 66 years living here, I’m sure he’d be quite proud of both of them. He told the truth, as does Chris. As Greenwich Lover commented above, Greenwich today isn’t the Greenwich of old. Living in a fantasy world doesn’t change reality…once your psychedelic euphoria dissipates, and it inevitably will, you’ll find the crash to be rather disturbing.

  17. Cos Cobber

    Greenwich isnt going down hill any faster than any other location in the northeast. The challenges in Greenwich to maintain a vibrant and leading community are no different here than anywhere else. The test going forward in the global internet age is whether or not proximity to smart, ambitious and influential people is relevant economic success. In the internet age, its much easier for ESL to ditch Greenwich for Miami, however its also interesting that to see that far outer suburban locations (with low cost of living) – nationwide continue to wallow – as people and employers want to be located in a cluster setting.

    All is not lost yet here in Greenwich, the story remains the same, when your successful neighbor packs their bags for FL, someone new from NYC moves in for a 5 to 15 year stint before they probably head to FL as well.

  18. Cos Cobber

    As a follow on, while local job creation seems weak, I’ll know the town has taken a turn for the worst when the people moving in are of a lower financial caliber than the people moving out. So far, that is not the case – at least here in Cos Cob. Seniors and empty nesters move out, young couples – often with very promising careers – move in.

  19. Rivman

    I’m surprised, I find this blog actually creates interest in a rather boring business.

  20. anon of course

    i’m stunned that anyone woul start bringing family and deceased family at that into this discussion. Classless!!!!!!

    • The most despicable part of that moron’s tirade is his pretense to have known my father. If he’d ever encountered my father, he’d have been chopped into mince meat.
      Sometime in the 1960s my parents attended a neighbor’s party where upon their arrival the host embarked on a long, foolish and one-sided argument with my father. After listening for several minutes,the Commander turned to my mother and said, “I have to work with idiots all week; I don’t have to do so on my free time. Get your coat, we’re leaving” and, to the host,”goodbye”. They left. My mother was mortified but we boys thought it was awesome.

      So no, I don’t think my father would have liked this clown.

  21. G W Chase

    As my Quaker grandmother used to say, “the only constant in life is change – embrace it”. Greenwich has changed a lot physically since we came to Town in 1956, but it still is blessed with a large number of smart people who man the volunteer boards and commissions in Town. That “I Love Greenwich” is what has not, and I doubt if it ever will, change in Town.