Finishing the week with a whimper and a sigh

Accepted offers reported today were four (cheap) condos and a rental. Sooeee.

30 Husted via Trulia

From the limbo “how low can you go?” contest files, 30 Husted Lane has been cut another million and can now be yours for just $11.8 million, down quite a bit from its original price, oh so long ago, of $18,000,000. Who suggested that price, for God’s sake? This one stays in limbo, is my guess.

8 Baldwin Farms North, spec house asking $7.9 million since September, sold for $6.5. Not bad, for the seller.

53 Cross Lane, Cos Cob, asked $1.195, got $1.151. Good house, good street, good price, yet for some odd reason, it sold quickly – don’t tell other Greenwich (would-be) home sellers that, they might fry their brains trying to figure out if there’s a connection.

The two Kali-Naagy spec houses on Mark Road in Riverside that were originally priced at $4 million each have been reduced again and are now down to $3.495. There were some of us who thought that might have been a better staring point but there you have it.


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9 responses to “Finishing the week with a whimper and a sigh

  1. Patrick

    Selling quickly is a bit of a stretch. 53 Cross Lane has been on and off the market for the last four years going in and out of rental. It has been priced at $1.250 for about 2 years.

    This is a case of the market coming back slightly and the sellers getting more realistic about price and meeting somewhere in the middle.

    It’s interesting, if I look at your blog posts in 2008, you preached to sell the house at a steep discount rather than rent and sell when the market turned around. I don’t believe that would have been a wise move in OG or Riv given that prices there appear to have risen 15 – 20% from the bottom. Same for good neighborhoods in Cos Cob and Greenwich with prices rising 10 – 15% from the bottom. It would be interesting to look at the stats on this…I

  2. EOSr

    Re 30 Husted: Call me paranoid, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want Ogilvy to market my home as an art collectors estate, with marvelous wings created for renowned art collectors. And call me stupid, but the house is completely designed around the current owners gorgeous art so when I buy it, what am I to hang – my kids macaroni art? The house is gorgeous outside but I think it’s tough when someone makes it so user-specific.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Huh, 53 cross lane has been on and off the market over the past 4 years…weird I never noticed and I follow cos cob rather closely.

  4. Real Torme

    Patrick is referring to a different house.

  5. anonymous

    How about maybe $6 mil for Husted? Lansing’s art collection is a far cry from previous owner Klondike bar king Henry Clarke’s collection of wide eyed clown painting on the stairs. Almost macaroni art.

  6. Real Torme

    Patrick must mean 39 Cross Lane which has been on and off the market for some time, and is for sale now.

  7. Anonymous

    Husted is a great street but cant see that house selling for more than 7MM.

  8. Anonymous

    Tax assessor says 30 Husted is taxed at $4.326M so that makes it worth?

    FWIW, heh, Zillow agrees with Chris, it shows no listing history (unlike Husted) between the 1998 sale and the current listing on 3/17/12 at $1.195M.