If you feel you’re having a long day tomorrow, you’re not imagining things

Extra second added.


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2 responses to “If you feel you’re having a long day tomorrow, you’re not imagining things

  1. Barack Obama

    Praise Allah! I have a lot of money to bilk…raise tomorrow. I need every second!

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I feel like I am having a long day whenever I read your “writing”.

    If you think about it, the issue regarding the upcoming election is pretty black and white. Not THAT black and white, you racist.

    It comes down to one simple issue: Do we want to stick to the core values which made this country great? Capitalism, the ability to succeed, and individual liberty? Or do we want to embrace the “Nanny State”, where government knows best, THEY decide, and we embrace the European socialist system? We redistribute the wealth, and pretend everyone is equal, regardless of ability or what contribution they make to society?

    Do we want to make our own decisions, or let “them” decide? That is a hard one. Making a decision can be difficult, so maybe it is best we let Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi choose for us. And sometimes it is hard to decide what to eat, so it may be nice to just have Mooch and Mike Bloomberg decide for us.

    Given that half of the population already pays no taxes, and the amount that already rely on Big Brother in some form or another already exceeds that, I think we are going the Socialist route. Rumor has it Bill Ayres has already written a manifesto for Barry to roll out in term two.

    Anyhows, we can worry about that later. I am going to CVS to borrow some personal care products. You need anything? Midol? Douche? Personality pills? My treat!!

    Your Pal,