Never trust a guy who lies on his resume

Bad guy

Jason Bohn, the lawyer who brutally beat to death his girlfriend last week, was previously described in a New York Times article as a Columbia Law School grad working a legal temp job for $33 an hour. Not the paper’s fault (although their fact checking staff could have done better, if the Times still had a fact checking staff), Bohn lied to them. The article was corrected after Columbia informed the paper that, while it was true that Bohn had attended classes at Columbia, his actual degree came from University of Florida. And see what happened.

Not too dissimilar to that lawyer who lied about being a member of the Harvard varsity swim team and, later, a Viet Nam combat veteran. Of course, he went on to the U.S. Senate, not Riker’s Island, but I wouldn’t go out on a date with the guy.


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3 responses to “Never trust a guy who lies on his resume

  1. EOSr

    It breaks my heart that this beautiful young woman moved in with Bohn even though she KNEW he was violent and that she had experienced some of his rage yet continued a relationship with him. I told my daughters that if a man even so much as raises his hand to you, leave and never look back. So many women who have self-esteem issues allow idiot men to walk all over them. It’s some mysterious thing about women I can not explain. Mary Kennedy fell prey to Robert’s bullying. He may not have physically killed her but he might as well have – he killed her by emotionally destroying her. I think abuse happens more than we care to accept, in all economic strata too. Very sad story.

    • I taught my own daughters exactly that, EOS, starting when they were very young. They tell me it’s one of the lessons they most remember. Of course, and don’t tell the GAR this, if someone hit one of my girls I’d track him down across the globe and kill him, but that’s another matter.

  2. Jailhouse Rumor?

    I’ve heard that abusers of children, women and elders get their due in jail. THAT is why we have to put them in jail where they will get justice.