Next time someone like Dollar Bill tells you that there’s no place to cut the federal budget …


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ADA regulations for miniature golf courses released.

Miniature golf is a much more accessible sport than the real thing. Almost anyone can play. You don’t need to drive the ball 200 yards to get a decent score; 200 inches is more than enough. In fact, many players don’t much care what their score is at all. They’re just playing for fun, and trying to dodge the obstacles.

Course owners aren’t too happy about the new Americans with Disabilities Act requirements that came into effect on March 15, though construction firms must be delighted at the windfall Washington just sent them.

The federal government regulates the slopes of miniature golf courses. The new standard “permits a slope of 1:4 maximum for a 4 inch rise where the accessible route is located on the playing surface of a hole.”

If a course uses artificial turf instead of grass, it also regulates length for the fibers. The height of the “grass” shall not exceed half an inch.

The so-called “start of play” areas must be at least 48” x 60”, and shall not have a slope steeper than 1:48.


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4 responses to “Next time someone like Dollar Bill tells you that there’s no place to cut the federal budget …

  1. Al Dente

    So regular courses will be next? They’ll be required to have men’s tees, lady’s tees, transgender tees, paraplegic tees. The cups will be the size of Olympic swimming pools to accommodate the blind golfer.

  2. Cos cobber

    So I have to go to Canada to play real put-put golf….those f*cking bastards.

  3. Anonymous

    The ADA was needed but all the additional “feel good” fuzzies added later make me want to chuck the whole damned thing and start over. Please don’t let me get going on those scummy ADA jackals (lawyers) who travel from business to business looking for violations in order to get a quick payoff from the insurance companies. GRRRRR!