Sounds more like parent abuse, to me


Women’s Studies graduates, 1890

Does luring students into taking degrees in “Sports Administration” and “Pop Culture Studies” constitute a form a child abuse?

How about college tuition, adjusted for inflation, soaring 72% since 2002?

Students are paying less and less of direct college costs, relying more on government grants and loans. That has encouraged universities to jack up tuition expenses, fueling a vicious circle reminiscent of the housing bubble.

U.S. universities charged students $190 billion in 2001-02 for tuition, fees, room and board and more, according to data from Sallie Mae. By 2010-11 that had more than doubled to $410 billion. Even after adjusting for inflation, student charges shot up 72%.

Of course, not every college student wastes her time on gaining useless knowledge. Here’s a Glenville girl who’s learning the one sure career out there, lobbying on Capitol Hill. Best of all, she’s cutting her teeth on what’s sure to be the governmental response to out of control college costs, subsidized housing for sororities. Then it’s on to lobbying for universal health care, no doubt, and the kid will be set for life.


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4 responses to “Sounds more like parent abuse, to me

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Of course it is not child abuse.

    No matter what you major in, the college experience is important. It allows you four years of hedonism, screwing off, and pretending to be doing something useful, before you have to go out and get a real job. It is the buffer. You are not quite an adult, but old enough to do whatever you want. And at that age, what you want to do is really fun! And you can still actually do it!!

    So college is like an enema. You do all the crazy shit for four years, and hopefully get it out of your system. If they didn’t, think of the consequences. Panty Raids on the secretarial pool!! Do you know how much that would cost a business in this day and age? Keggers in the accounting department!! Pot Parties in Marketing!! NOTHING would get done.

    So we need college, no matter what the cost. And there are many useful majors. Like “Understanding Female Psyche”. That one actually requires a PHD, and you still may not master it. Steven Hawking’s actually flunked this one, and took up Advanced Physics, where he became a genius!!

    Or “Advanced Female Anatomy”. I earned my degree in economics, but minored in AFA after hours. It was time well spent, my friend!!

    So I respectfully disagree with you. College is priceless. It puts hormone fueled derelicts all in one spot. Keeping them off the streets, and out of the workplace until they hopefully flush their systems. And that is priceless.

    Do you understand now? You load.
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    Walt- One of your best

  3. Sports Administration doesn’t seem like such a waste to me. Could relate to work in municipal rec departments or private sports facilities. I’ve seen much more useless college majors.

  4. Martine

    Sports has become a major business in the US. Students graduating from NYU’s undergraduate program in sports management are almost all offered a job before graduation and are working at major organizations such as the NFL, MSG and ESPN.