Two Chancellors in one!

Reuters: Merkel big loser in Euro crisis

Raul Meijer, The Automatic Earth: Angela Merkel is playing you for fools.

Meijer insists that Merkel gave away nothing and anyone who thinks she has is just plain dumb. No one ever lost money betting against the stupidity of the people of Reuters, so I’m going with Meijer.


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2 responses to “Two Chancellors in one!

  1. Out Looking In

    The Reuters article was written by a lazy columnists who was ismply cherry-picking headlines of European papers. Zero “news”- no thought- just simply rehashing. Meijer is a bit over the top- but most likely much closer to the truth than the headline writers trying to sell newspapers. Another Summit- another can kick. Maybe by the 40th (we just finished 19), we will have a REsolution- but no SOlution!