Club Road antique goes up for sale

Road show

Well 1924 hardly merits the term “antique”, but in any event 50 Club Road was listed today for $3.895. Trulia has it all wrong of course, including an estimate of $2.8 value and a last sale date of 1999, missing its 2005 sale, after a complete renovation, for $3.150. It sold in just 10 days back then; I’ll be curious to see if it repeats. Great piece of land, but I always thought the house itself was just an elongated noodle. But it sells.


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5 responses to “Club Road antique goes up for sale

  1. Cobra

    The Milligan’s first home in Greenwich, I believe. I spent many a fun time there back in the ’70’s – early ’80’s

  2. Cobra

    A few brain cells remain, albeit tenuously.

  3. Anonymous

    great street and the brick manor spot next door and the Victorians this Lara S’s crib?

  4. Deepak

    it’s 59 Club Rd