Holiday time

No open houses today and none Thursday. Might be some activity reported, so check back in but don’t expect much.


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6 responses to “Holiday time

  1. Hartford Deserted

    Call any government agency around here and you get “he or she is in a meeting, can he or she call you back?”

  2. Deepak

    …moving expectations lower

  3. I can tell that tomorrow is a holiday because my mail was delivered several hours earlier than normal. Happens every time.

    • I wrote about this once, long ago (letter to the editor, WSJ, 1998?) – turns out that postal union rules require route carriers to return to central headquarters after completing their rounds, where they are expected to sort mail and do other chores, except on holiday eves, when they are allowed to go directly home. Which explains why during normal days you’ll see postal workers sleeping in their vans and otherwise killing time so they don’t have to go back and why your mail was delivered in real time – the time actually required to complete a route – four hours early today.

  4. Anonymous

    any sale activity?