My god, it’s come to this


Let us join together in our suffering

Poll: Likely voters say Jimmy Carter was a better president than Obama. Glenn Reynolds used to say that if we were lucky, Obama would turn out to be only the second worst president. Guess we weren’t.


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5 responses to “My god, it’s come to this

  1. Hooch

    Did you follow your link through? Ends up at a typewritten page, no credits as to author given. Daily Beast not reporting this on their site.

  2. Anonymous Skowron

    Whoever wrote that Weekly Standard piece needs to take a refresher course in statistics.

  3. Anonymous


    and Forbes:

    Both linked articles report on different aspects of the Newsweek/DB poll, the DB article gives a link to the same poll and gives the information about who conducted it and how it was done.

  4. NRA

    The Won has certainly accomplished one stunning feat no other president has done: He has managed to make Jimmy Carter look relatively competent.

  5. But now it is official: W is the worst, even according to a right wing rag like the Weekly Standard. That clown on Fox, Fred Barnes, isn’t he the editor??