Sales activity, July 3rd

Accepted offer, 43 Bramble Lane, $1.4 million, 7 DOM. 0.38 of an acre, that seems to be what a building lot on Bramble goes for thee days. Free house, too.

May contracts, closing now:

Sold: 34 Lake Drive S., Riverside, $2.3 million, 27 DOM.

Sold: 40 North Old Stone Bridge, asked $2.6 million, sold for $2.395, 29 DOM. Mind boggling; easily $500,000 higher than other houses in this neighborhood, but it must have appraised out so Old Stone Bridge owners should be cheerful.


5 Meadow Dr

5 Meadow Drive (Rockridge, Greenwich). Asked $4.2 million, sold for $3.5. 2.32 acres in a 2-acre zone, great location and yard, the house was a wreck. Assign all this price to land and you still have an impressive price for a building lot here.

41 Wesskum Wood Rd

41 Wesskum Wood, Riverside, asked $2.745, sold for $2.550. I liked this house very much and recommended it to clients, without success. Not because they disliked the house or its location, it was just not large enough to accommodate their family. I think its selling price was a fair one for both parties.

1 River Lane, Cos Cob, asked $788,000, got $712,500.

49 Benjamin Street, Old Greenwich, asked $1.299, sold in three days, $1.290. When you absolutely positively have to live south of the Village, …


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6 responses to “Sales activity, July 3rd

  1. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Meadow other than the rose colored carpeting? Also, I hope the buyers of Stone Bridge are smart enough to refuse the offer of “help with moving” from a “troubled youth” a few doors away. Yikes.

    Lastly, I found a better listing and pics for Wesskum and now I can see why you liked it so much. Very nicely updated with the kitchen/family/breakfast rooms.

    • Meadow has a kitchen designed in the 20’s, when staff did the cooking and stayed out of sight, so no room for a family or guests. Bathrooms all dated, electrical needs to be replaced, as do the windows,a/c added, new heating system, walls need removal, including a new entrance way, and on and on and on. Could be as beautiful a house as it must have been decades ago but there’s a lot of work to be done here. Well worth it, in my opinion, but work nonetheless.

  2. jeremy jones

    I agree with CF that Meadow Lane is a great lot in a great location (near town, great neighbors). Only land issue is school zoning (Glenville / Western), but that only matters for some.

    House seems like it would take $1-2mm just to update it to current, and no one would do that and then end up with 8 foot ceilings and a dated layout. Probably a teardown. CF – are you seeing spec builders returning? Seems that other than our friend the landscaper building out all the specs on Meadowcroft, that the spec building in mid-country has disappeared. However, they’ve also worked off most of the inventory of houses from ’06-’08 other than the complete dogs . . .


    • The spec inventory left over from the 2007-2009 years is indeed almost gone. 36 Montgomery Lane and 450 North Street being exceptions but that’s because they were tied up in litigation (as is another Tsoi house on Byfield). Montgomery is a perfectly good house, as finished a=by its new owner, as is 450 North, which I saw today. I think they’ll go, Mr. Tsoi will eventually be chased out of court and his Byfield Lane foreclosure completed and that will be about it 9tsoi has another one on Montgomery that is being rented but that, too, will eventually be coughed up).

      Oops – just remembered that collection of failed projects on North Street on the Merritt Parkway, the corner of North and Dingletown and those houses, also on the Merritt, just off North. But anyway, most of the inventory is gone. When will new ones start appearing? Maybe next spring? Depends, I suppose, on what happens in the rest of the world in the next nine months.

  3. Anonymous

    what about the spec houses on Doverton, Old mill, and Stillman? Also, what is up with bailiwick?

  4. Anonymous

    Chris and Jeremy, thanks for the additional information on Meadow.
    Also, I plum forgot to include the Zillow listing for Wesskum that shows how beautifully it’s been updated.