Bread upon the water

Gravy boat

As in dough. Navy, under pressure from the Obama administration, powering an entire aircraft fleet with soy sauce at a cost 700% greater than conventional fuel. With more R&D projects on tap.

Oil independence in time of war? A notable goal, but if that’s what’s got the White House worried (and i’s not – this is about rewarding politicians with ties to the “green” fuel suppliers) then perhaps the Keystone pipeline would be a more efficient use of – private – dollars. Or, if the government really can’t help itself and has to spend public dollars on research and development schemes, why not work on nuclear power plants for even the smallest ship?


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7 responses to “Bread upon the water

  1. General Nuisance

    Activists are also demanding the military use “green” bullets that must also be “organic” –

    • Funny story, but not that funny. Econuts really are pushing to ban lead bullets for hunters- they’ve already succeeded with lead sinkers despite zero evidence that a cute little trout has ever been harmed.

  2. Anon

    So what was the “Well Screw You Google” post you put up and deleted? It’s out on the Twittersphere but to Page Not Found.

    • Ah, just more of Google’s attempt to feed its base in the left and alienate those of us who don’t share their world view. I’ll revise and repost it.

  3. Backcountry

    What the federal govt should be doing is supporting R&D for natural gas- powered vehicles and other gas- driven activies, including pipelines. This would substantially reduce carbon emissions as well as take advantage of the huge newly exploitable gas reserves we have here in the States (and therefore sharply reduce our dependence on foriegn sources, like Middle Eastern countries).

  4. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    Since the Nautilus in 1955, Admiral Rickover and his successors have a perfect safety record. They should be spending their money on building more nuclear powered ships where size permits.