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Accepted offer and some sale prices reported

MLS is open today, so here’s a little real estate news.

101 Otter Rock

101 Otter Rock Drive, Belle Haven. A/O, asking $3.9 million. On since January, this is a nice house, good location.

80 Porchuck finally (700+ days) sold, for $1.250 million. Sold for $1.3 million in 1999.

30 Bush Avenue, that spec house built by the Irishman who offended his neighbors so by tearing down what was there, asked $6.395 and got $5.5 million.


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Well this sucks

Three children drown in Long Island Sound when boat capsizes. Twenty-seven adults and children aboard a 34′ motor yacht, watching fireworks. Police say no alcohol was involved so a reasonable guess is that the new skipper shouldn’t have put 27 people aboard a 34′ boat. A tragedy regardless of blame.


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One picture and all that



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Going to London for the Olympics? Why?

Police raid Muslim den, nab six terrorists.  Let the games begin.

LONDON (AP) — Armed British police carried out an early-morning raid on a residential address near London’s Olympic Park on Thursday, using smoke grenades and a stun gun in what they called a pre-planned anti-terror operation.

A total of six people were arrested there and in separate raids in other parts of the capital, but Scotland Yard said the operation was not linked to the upcoming games, due to kick off on July 27.

Police didn’t identify the suspects, who range in age from 18 to 30.

However Mizanur Rahman, who is involved with a Muslim activist group, said all those arrested were British Muslims. He said the three men taken into custody in Stratford, the neighborhood that contains Olympic Park, were brothers and claimed that one was a former police support officer.


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How do you keep your friends and colleagues out of jail?

Delay reporting the results of your investigation for years until your biggest friend, Chris Dodd, is safely ensconced in a prime lobbying job an others have retired. House Investigative Committee says (shock!) that Countrywide bribed lawmakers. Not a single criminal charge was ever filed against Countrywide or the people it bribed on Capitol Hill. Nor will there be – we’ve “moved on”.


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National housing inventory down, Greenwich, not so much

Inventory is down, which stabilizes prices.

Here in Greenwich, single family inventory as of June 30 is 609, compared to 587 in 2011, and 561 (2008), 510 (2007) 470 (2006) and 404 (2005). We have a ways to go before stabilization, at least so far as inventory controls.

High end ($5,000,000+) is also doing poorly: 151, (June 30, 2012),143 (June 30, 2011), 160 (2008), 124 (2006), 94 (2004)


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Ole’s Creek, 5:30 AM


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