Accepted offer and some sale prices reported

MLS is open today, so here’s a little real estate news.

101 Otter Rock

101 Otter Rock Drive, Belle Haven. A/O, asking $3.9 million. On since January, this is a nice house, good location.

80 Porchuck finally (700+ days) sold, for $1.250 million. Sold for $1.3 million in 1999.

30 Bush Avenue, that spec house built by the Irishman who offended his neighbors so by tearing down what was there, asked $6.395 and got $5.5 million.


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6 responses to “Accepted offer and some sale prices reported

  1. Kc125

    I bid 1.55 on 80 porchuck 14 months ago and barely got the owner to accept said bid. Did an inspection and ended up buying something else. It was a great little house. Someone got a sweet deal.

    • One day-heck maybe today, it’s quiet-I’ll ask readers and some agents to submit examples of bids they made that we’re rejected, often angrily. by sellers only to see the house sell for much less months, even years later. It’s an astonishingly common phenomenon and, while it doesn’t get you the house you wanted, that disappointment is is lessened by the opportunity to say, “you jerk”.

  2. Make an offer

    98 degrees tomorrow
    Every buyer should make their best lowball offer and let’s see how hot the sellers can get. Could Greenwich reach 100?

  3. Anon

    Has 37 Hillside Road been on the open house tour yet; new listing; looks very pretty but right across from HS – noisy?

    • Haven’t seen Hillside. There are those who object to the High School traffic in the morning and afternoon but those who live there say it’s not bad at all. Nice sized lots on the street, some great houses and good prices, so I wouldn’t rule it out without looking.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t understand how anyone can pay 5.5 million for the house on Bush!!!!!