Ole’s Creek, 5:30 AM


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  1. Magic ?
    Or particle mass acceleration ?
    5:30 emailed at 4:57……

    • My email must still be on standard time. Besides, while the moon is up at 4:30, that glow in the east isn’t there then, at least at this latitude – ask Finkbeiner!

  2. Walt

    So Dude –
    Did you have a Happy Fourth of July? Do you still have all of your digits? I hope so. The last thing you need is another handicap. You dummy.

    Anyhows, did you look at that picture? You photographed a UFO Dude!! Right there on the right hand side!!

    Did they land? Where they grey or greens? Did they anal probe you? And did you like it? I bet you did!! Are they your relatives, or just friends? Are they considering moving to Greenwich? If so, steer them towards Cos Cob. They will feel more comfortable there.

    Do you have a beach pass? Can I borrow it? I figure the hotties will be out in force today.
    Your Pal,

  3. Stinky Creek

    You mean stinky creek. This is one waterway that needs a clean out. So much herbicide runoff has led to a lot of dead organisms. Silt has accumulated due to increased rains. Did you take this picture holding your nose? By noon high sun, that rotting carcass of a stream is ripe. Rename it with a French word. Pee-you. Some septic run-off in that cesspool too.

  4. Never build near water

    Pretty to look at water. But when nature calls, streams overflow it is a mess. Pass on this water view. mosquitos are a bitch too. picture is worth one word: AVOID.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Yeah but CF does his best creative writing when working through a bout of Malaria, Yellow Fever, Denge Fever or someother misquito born illness.

  6. G W Chase

    Used to have my boat serviced at Longmeadow Creek Marine, and running that creek in the Fall with all the autumn colors was wonderful. You are indeed fortunate to be able to wake up to that view!

  7. Finkbeiner Answers

    The internet was entirely un-prepared for the leap second a few days ago, caused by the drag of the tides. Standard time is about all the internet can handle. Likewise for the Naval Observatory, charged with accurate time keeping. The GPS atomic clocks never update (with atomic time, you don’t leap anything, and you certainly don’t try to fix what’s not broken.)

    So today at 4:35 am EST at Lat 41-04′ N and Longitude 730-32’W, the Observatory lists the Sun’s altitude at 0.7 degrees above the horizon in the east at azimuth 60, and the Moon at 96% full illumination at 18.4 degrees above your horizon over Ole’s Creek, at an azimuth of 229 degrees east of true north.

    The Moon is half a degree in diameter, and if we calibrate the photo you CF provided, the moon is 37 diameters above the horizon. This solves the problem. WP keeps standard time.

    (PS – it was a beautiful morning at that hour. Enjoyed it fully myself. Send smoked bluefish dip, when it’s ready. Thanks.)

  8. Finkbeiner Answers Himself

    And FWIW was preparing us all for this too:

    What a timely blog you write, CF!

  9. G W Chase

    Hit ’em yesterday at the weather buoy.