Well this sucks

Three children drown in Long Island Sound when boat capsizes. Twenty-seven adults and children aboard a 34′ motor yacht, watching fireworks. Police say no alcohol was involved so a reasonable guess is that the new skipper shouldn’t have put 27 people aboard a 34′ boat. A tragedy regardless of blame.


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8 responses to “Well this sucks

  1. G W Chase

    Let’s see how many wrong moves the Skipper made:
    1. A life preserver for everyone on board and children under 13 have to be wearing one at all times.
    2. Number of people on board – plaque near the helm will give maximums by weight in pounds and number of bodies as determined by USCG and the boat manufacturer.
    3. Pleasant time on the water turned into prison time for the Skipper?

  2. Just_looking

    THey name the children, but not the skipper?

  3. Anon

    NY Post has more detailed article, with names of both men who were at the helm and the boat capacity:

    >>The two men operating the boat — Kevin Treanor and Sal Aurelino — were not drunk or otherwise impaired, authorities said. The men are brothers-in-law.<>The Silverton, owned by Kevin Treanor has a maximum capacity of just 15 people — 12 less than were aboard it when it departed the Harbor Boating Club in Huntington, said a Nassau County Police spokeswoman.<<


  4. Walt

    Dude –
    It saddens me that innocent children always seem to pay for the idiocy of adults. How does anyone in their right mind put 27 people on a 34 foot boat? And 24 of them were adults, and NONE of them had the common sense to say this may not be a good idea? What the frig is going on? I will say a prayer for the kids.

    Anyhows, it is hot as a frigging bitch out, right? Maybe there is something to this whole global warming stuff. Al Gore was ahead of the curve and figured out how to cash in on this. And he is a moron. You think this one passed us buy, or can we still cash in on it? Maybe get a government grant to study the long term effects of tanning on breast implants? I think that needs to be better understood.

    Maybe Francis can hook us up with the politicians he carries around in his pocket like spare change? GODFATHER DUDE!!

    Brunch tomorrow? Cos Cobber, my treat, then we hit Tods Point. Bring your sun screen. And no black socks.
    Your Pal,

  5. HH

    Your title could not be in more horrible taste. This more than just “sucks”– sucks is when you get a fender-bender or get a speeding ticket. Lives were lost and children, no less. I feel for the parents and relatives of those children and want to throw up at your callous headline.

  6. Walt

    You ignorant twat. What was wrong with the headline? It does suck. The big one. Not the headline, but this travesty.

    There was nothing disparaging about the headline. It expresses a sense of remorse, and heartfelt. It states a fact. Blunt but true. Did you not like the allegory? Well grow up.

    The truth? You want the truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! You need me on this wall!! You want me on this wall!! A Few Good Men, with the alleged Homo Tom Cruise!! NTTAWWT.

    Who are you, Rex Reed? You moron. Learn to write, get a sense of humor, pull the stick out of your ass and call me back. You aren’t the GEP are you?
    If so, meet me for brunch.

    Your Pal,

  7. Greenwich Gal

    HH – I understand, “sucks” is a juvenile expression for such tragic circumstances, but CF’s heart is in the right place.
    Thesaurus, CF, darling…

  8. db

    HH, “Your title could not be in more horrible taste.”

    After taking the Myers & Briggs training and testing, I figured out everyone deals with things differently. In this case, Chris, with his hill-billy conservative slant, has gotten the point across well. A bunch of fools jumped on a boat without a clue and died with kids included. In summary…it “sucked.”

    There are other ways to express. One title that could work “Various aged dudes, that happened to be clueless, died on boat” as an example. Kids aspect is lessoned though.