The economy’s failing, the Ruskies are at our borders, what to do, what to do?


I think I blew it

Obama lashes out at Romney’s position on abortion. Leave alone Obama’s deliberate lie about that position and focus on what this says about panic at the White House. The only people who feel passionately enough about a woman’s untrammeled “right” to scrape a foetus from her womb, enough to ignore an economy in shambles and vote the Community Organizer back in for another round of amateurism, are those who already comprise what was once considered Obama’s base – appealing to them now suggests that Obama’s handlers fear that he’s losing even their vote.</p


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4 responses to “The economy’s failing, the Ruskies are at our borders, what to do, what to do?

  1. Anonymous

    The Obama campaign has gone one step farther, calling any pro-life person a “terrorist.” I kid you not. This is scary shit.

    He’s also out there today saying “he’s tried real hard” for Americans but the Republicans wouldn’t engage in a whole range of issues. Engage? How does a president engage when he’s on the golf course? How does the president engage when he’s in Hollywood or NYC? And why engage when you can blame?

    And would you catch the outfit Obama has on? Did he stop at Salvation Army for the shirt? The length of the sleeves; how it’s not tucked in.

    • When a Harvard graduate, even an affirmative action graduate, uses “real” to mean “really” he’s either pandering to the grammatically-challenged or he really is a product of affirmative action – take your pick.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t you think 99.9% of Americans are grammatically-challenged?! Sentences that begin with ‘Me and’; ask ten people to name an adverb and ten people will look at you sideways; words like Yo and Hey replace Hello. And if one more person refers to something as “very unique”, I’ll, I’ll……

  3. DollarBill

    Mitt Romney has had several positions on abortion. By the time you [scum sucking faggots ] elect him, perhaps he’ll have another one.