Don’t fall for a bargain price

336 Stanwich Road in happier times

I see that 336 Stanwich Road has reduced its price again and is now asking $2.095 million. It’s now been for sale for 1,100 days, a fate I’m sure the owners didn’t expect when they bought it back in 2006 for $2.738 million, because it had been originally priced at $3.5 million and $2.7 must have seemed a relative bargain. It wasn’t.

This 1850 house was ruined – “remuddled” long ago, with all of its original charm destroyed and nothing good added, unless you consider the nonsensical modern wing, unconnected to the main house, an improvement.  I see this as land value only (2.24acres in the R-2 zone) with perhaps a few thousand dollars thrown in for the salvage value of some of the floor boards and beams. Too bad.


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2 responses to “Don’t fall for a bargain price

  1. Say what?

    Someone at Round Hill Partners needs to rethink the listing. On the stats page, it says Year built: 1859 but the first sentences of the description….

    A classic statement of eighteenth-century New England, this five-bedroom farmhouse has earned historical distinction as a designated Greenwich landmark…….the circa-1788/circa-1855

    And please tell me how a house that looks like it has nothing left from 1788 or 1855 or 1859 gets registered as a landmark??? Unless tile floors and vertical interior siding are historic, I’d say the ladies of Greenwich historical society got hoodwinked.

    • There are some rooms inside that must be very old but really, it’s been so chopped out that, to me at least, it has no historical value left. Save bits and pieces to create a similar faux-antique, but in a better design.