Not that he’s the first president to lie to the American public, but how come there are never any consequences for doing so?

Mickey Kauss (discussing the pending bankruptcy of Obama-subsidized electric-car battery maker A123)

P.S.: Here’s a nagging question Obama chronicler Jonathan Alter may be able to answer: In his 2011 State of the Union address,  Obama laid out a plan to have “a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015,” a goal that now looks increasingly unrealistic insane. Did Obama know the million-EV goal was BS when he announced it? Was he misled by advisers? If the latter, have any suffered adverse consequences ?  Was he too inexperienced to know the extent to which bureaucracies tend to tell the boss what he wants to hear, even if it’s a fantasy? Or did he not care?

America’s best-selling plug-ins, the Volt, the plug-in Prius and the Nissan Leaf jointly sold 2,990 units in June. They were out-sold by a small sports car targeted at drifters, the Toyobaru hachi-roku, which sold 3,502 units in June.


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11 responses to “Not that he’s the first president to lie to the American public, but how come there are never any consequences for doing so?

  1. Fred2

    He’s a highly political creature of very average intelligence, limited life experience, and close to zero real-world management experience.

    You need ask?

  2. Pants on Fire

    It’s so hard to decide WHICH of the zillion Obama lies to highlight. Your car one is good, I’ll grant you that. But of course, there are SO many more. Closing Gitmo. Sure. And this:

  3. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    I was behind a vintage Chevy EV1 at the Hess station the other day. It looks like the old Citroen humper (that’s not a compliment) but the owner of this car had the last laugh. It cost me $83 to fill my Audi and he fled the scene with change from a $20 bill.

    The people I know who own “fuel savers” also own other not so saving cars – they seem to use their Prius/Volt for show, when they need to look environmentally correct, but then they haul out the Suburban or Escalade for family trips. Look at all the Hollywood types who drive around in their Prius but hop aboard their G5 to fly off to wherever. It’s all such a crock.

  4. Luke Gardner

    EOS: I’m guessing you mean the Citroen 2CV (deux chevaux). Those are fantastic cars, and if they still made ’em I’d buy one TODAY as they get better than 60 MPG (which – efficiency wise – beats Obirdbrain’s Volt into a pulpy road-kill pizza). Besides, they’re cool as all hell and its beach town cousin, the Mehari, is pretty darn neat too….

    • Not to mention that they bring back such fond memories for a whole generation of wandering deadbeats from the 60’s of the joys of bumming around Europe. Saw a restored one on the Post Road Saturday morning and I swear I could almost smell ten-buck-an-ounce weed wafting out its windows.

  5. Anonymous

    why the hate on conservationist tendencies ?

    would you prefer to just waste ‘stuff’ for the sake of being wasteful ?

    your generation needs to step in line with the new paradigm that was created. I am sure glad we had presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt that had the wisdom and foresight to protect our natural environment from unbridled capitalism.

    • You garbage washer you. Merely shouting “conservation” does not excuse you from using your brain – washing garbage so you can recycle it is a bad idea if you use more energy in the washing than is produced in its incineration. Using more energy to make ethanol than it yields is also stupid – blame Congress for bannig Brazilian sugar cane for that one. Banning logging in national forests for 100 years and allowing tree numbers to grow from 80 trees per acre to 1,000 is to guarantee hugely destructive forest fires that cause damage on a scale and scope that dwarfs any caused by skid trails, etc. etc. No sensible person wastes resources; that’s not a political issue. When so-called “environmentalists” close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears, stick out their tongues and condemn anyone who suggests applying condemn those who attempt to bring reason to the issue as people who “don’t get the new paradigm”, well, it stirs my ire.
      Use your brain, look at the issues with objectivity and stop patting yourself on the back while doing nothing. You don’t get a free pass just because you stick a new world bumper sticker on your Prius.
      End of rant.

  6. Anonymous

    i don’t drive a prius but thanks for playing.

  7. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    No Luke, I mean the Citroen DS, the one where the body lifted up and down, hence the name we gave them, the humper. You are probably way to young to remember them. I had a friend growing up whose parents had one and it was the funniest car on the planet. The EV I saw the other day was shaped like this old Citroen.

  8. Fred2

    The DS is a lovely car, the hydro-pneumatic suspension is still enough to get my little engineer’s heart to flutter. Nevermind the looks. THAT was a car.

  9. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    Luke: that retro cars blog has a whole page of your beloved CV2