This technique is (rarely) endorsed by the Greenwich Association of Realtors

Neighbors drive down value of house so they can buy it cheap.

A Queens couple are accused of being the neighbors from hell, scaring away potential buyers of the home next door just so they could snatch it up on the cheap, according to a lawsuit filed last week.

Ozone Park homeowners Charles and Karen Neglia say their neighbors, Guido and Milagros Florentin, are spreading lies to keep rival buyers at bay.

“The people who lived in the house were dirty,” Guido Florentin allegedly told potential buyers, according to the papers filed in Queens Supreme Court. “The house was in disrepair.”

In April, the Neglias put a for-sale sign in front of the home they purchased in 1985. They had an asking price of $317,000.

Florentin immediately made a lowball offer of less than half that amount, the lawsuit alleges, and when the Neglias refused, the abuse started.

Florentin allegedly staked out the house and pounced on brokers and home browsers with tales of woe.

He called it in “need of repairs” with “structural problems” and even blocked a shared walkway with garbage, the suit says.

The family that lives there is “dirty,” and the place is “falling apart, needs a lot of work, and it’s old,” he allegedly told one potential buyer and broker on May 23.

Florentin also defaced the vinyl siding of the house with tar, the suit claims.



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5 responses to “This technique is (rarely) endorsed by the Greenwich Association of Realtors

  1. Oneway

    I’ve heard about motivated seller
    But this is the first example of a MOTIVATED BUYER.
    I like it. Let the games begin!

  2. Anon

    If you thought high-end Greenwich real estate was flat now, wait until this afternoon, after Obummer announces his desire to support a one year tax extension only for people making up to $250,000.

    Let the class warfare continue. The man is destroying our country by insisting on fairness and wealth redistribution.

    • 2.3% of all taxpayers (3,195,000 individuals) earn $200,000 – $500,000 and almost no one makes more. If 3DB and his fellow looters really believe they can pay for their utopia on the backs of 3 million people, they’re as deluded as they sound.
      But great sound bite for TV this evening.

  3. Fred2

    “…one year tax extension only for people…”

    Because, THE ONE, knows that regulatory uncertainty is a GREAT way to run an economy.

    All we need now is a couple more retroactive laws.
    Oh, and some laws narrowly targeted at specific people.

    The we will have achieved the prefect nirvana of the left where there is no rule of law, just laws with no rules

  4. Anonymous

    it’s not funny when it happens to you