Breaking news from Genesis 1:28


And don’t forget to register!

Michelle Obama urges Democrats to “go out and multiply”.


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5 responses to “Breaking news from Genesis 1:28

  1. Fred2

    At least she didn’t suggest to go to the cemeteries and dig ’em up!

    After all without voter ID who is to know I’m 20 years dead and my address is VERY fixed.

  2. Dr. Halfwit

    Using binary fission, they could nearly double their numbers!

  3. Peg

    I’m hoping the Democrats get aborted.

    In a kind and gentle sort of way – of course!

  4. FlyAngler

    I thinks this was a call to the Bodysnatchers to send more pods.

  5. Rick

    Hey come on, she’s from Chicago. Out there they grow up learning, “Vote Early, Vote Often, as long as you vote Democrat!”.