Price cut, sales reported

3 Vista

3 Vista in Old Greenwich cut from $3.995 to $3.495. That’s an improvement but why is it being cut now, after so many buyers have settled on something else? Buyers grow tired of bidding on unrealistically-priced houses, so they don’t.

One set of photos, even after 18 months!

28 Loading Rock, NoPo Riverside, sold for $2.050. That’s after 18 months, when it started at $2.895 million. This is a good house, nice location overlooking the Mianus. In fact, I think it hurts 7 Mulberry in Cos Cob, which I also liked, because unlike Mulberry, this one has no traffic noise. This one’s gone now, of course, but if I were to use it as a comparable, I might discount Mulberry for its location (although Mulberry is the finer house, in my opinion).

10 Pleasant View

10 Pleasant View, adjacent to Havemeyer, sold for $820,000 ($870,000 ask). Not much of a house (not much of a price, for Greenwich) but amazingly enough – in fact, unheard of in the annals of real estate development names, it really does enjoy a pleasant view of the Ed Schongalla woods.


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6 responses to “Price cut, sales reported

  1. Cos Cobber

    Dude, Didnt 7 Mulberry sell for $1.850 after being on the market for about 2 months?? Loading Rock suffered its own unique fate, it had no bearing on Mulberry which went to contract much faster.

    • If Mulberry sold, it hasn’t been reported. A reader asked about it just today and I checked – it still shows as “contingent contract”. I like it very much and at $1.850 it’d be a real value -beautiful workmanship.

  2. Cos Cobber

    My sources say the contract is good…we’ll see.

  3. xyzzy

    Vista dropping its price is not good for 43 Keofferam. Another price cut coming for that property.

  4. Fred2

    I always thought real estate names, like: “Pleasant View”, “Orchard Hill” , had to be named after what the development destroyed?