Dannel Malloy’s mom walks the picket line

Malloy joins union’s picket line.

In a related matter, turns out that unions’ political spending is 4X what was previously reported. Somehow, I bet Malloy already knew this.

Organized labor spends about four times as much on politics and lobbying as generally thought, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis, a finding that shines a light on an aspect of labor’s political activity that has often been overlooked.

Previous estimates have focused on labor unions’ filings with federal election officials, which chronicle contributions made directly to federal candidates and union spending in support of candidates for Congress and the White House.

But unions spend far more money on a wider range of political activities, including supporting state and local candidates and deploying what has long been seen as the unions’ most potent political weapon: persuading members to vote as unions want them to.

The new figures come from a little-known set of annual reports to the Labor Department in which local unions, their national parents and labor federations have been required to detail their spending on politics and lobbying since 2005.

This kind of spending, which is on the rise, has enabled the largest unions to maintain and in some cases increase their clout in Washington and state capitals, even though unionized workers make up a declining share of the workforce. The result is that labor could be a stronger counterweight than commonly realized to “super PACs” that today raise millions from wealthy donors, in many cases to support Republican candidates and causes.


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9 responses to “Shocker!

  1. Cos Cobber

    This is abuse of the governor’s office…but so isnt handing out big money to retain corporations…and so it goes.

  2. hmmm

    ct is finished the only way is to vote with your feet if you dare

  3. hmmm

    from the article:

    A HealthBridge representative said at least 75 union employees have already crossed the picket lines to return to work.

  4. John

    Doesn’t this all seem prosecutable under RICO provisions?

  5. Anonymous

    I just saw a NYC TV ad for vsiting Ct. Our tax $ at work. If that is “proper” use of the taxpayers $ benefitting our hotel, food, and filling station businesses, then why run ads for Xerox, Pitney Bowes, Chris Fountain real estate broker and the local gin mill.

  6. Reader

    This week CNBC ranked CT #44 in its survey of business friendly states. Interjecting himself into this labor dispute shows Malloy is determined to make us #50.

  7. Dollar Bill

    If you don’t like unrestricted union spending, I’m sure you’ll support overturning the Citizens United decision by the Supremes. Or is the unrestricted spending by corporations (which dwarfs that of unions by the way) made possible by CU perfectly OK, but for unions is dreadful. This is the world your wingnut Supreme Court has ushered in. Get used to it.

  8. Cos Cobber

    There is a distinct and integral difference between corporations and unions. Corporations offer services/goods that the public chooses to purchase while unions use federally protected racketeering to force an employer to use their labor on the union’s terms. Free choice vs legal racket.

    Sadly, to flee these parasitic unions, corporations choose to close their shops and move south or overseas rather than fight a losing battle.

  9. Dollar Bill

    Parasitic racketeers, now that’s a new one!