Why did he bother?

Romney booed at NAACP convention. The black vote has been in the Democrat’s pocket since 1964 and its members are simply incapable of seeing past a welfare check. Continued poverty, continued disintegration of the black family, 55% unemployment for black teens? The highest murder rate in the world for black children? Four more years!


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22 responses to “Why did he bother?

  1. FF

    You might want to rewrite that welfare bit. Herman Cain might take umbrage, or Allen West might track you down with a legitimately licensed 50 caliber

  2. anon

    How the hell do liberals like FF get away with saying the crap like someone might track you down???? May FF and Rev. Al live in harmony, racist harmony that is.

  3. anonymous

    leave it to the liberal media to forget to mention that Romney actually got a standing ovation at this same speech.

  4. FF

    Ah, anon, perhaps you do not know who Allen West is! I would think he would be one of your conservative superheroes in capes. If you are not aware of him, feast and enjoy on some awesome Breitbart


  5. anonymous

    West gets mixed reviews from me but I don’t feel obliged to condone someone’s behavior just because he shares some of my political convictions. For all the stupid stuff West says, he has alot of good things too. Liberals are like sheep – they stand in line to praise one another, no matter how racist or derogatory comments are from any one of them. Who of your liberal pals would get any criticism from you?

    Frank: are you going to have to throw away your computer now that you’ve typed the word Breitbart and it is permanently written on the hard drive?!

  6. Dollar Bill

    Should come as no surprise that Thurston Howell von Horseman IV would be booed, when you consider even former RNC chair Michael Steele has been slagging the party for its lack of outreach to blacks, when you consider the aggressive voter suppression tactics going on in Faggot-controlled states, and when you consider the war on public sector workers, which is really a war on blacks insofar as blacks are 30 percent more likely than nonblacks to work in the public sector.

    Faggots love to pretend that this isn’t about race. Of course it is. Modern day conservatism would be lost without its racialist appeals, which feeds its loathing if government.

  7. Dollar Bill

    So you not only censor my words, you insert your own “faggot”, under my name, and then turn around and call me homophobic. That’s quite the trifecta there, scumbag.

    • 3DB, your constant use of the term “teabagger”, used by you as some sort of slur, indicates a deep-seated fear and loathing of homosexuals (so does the term “scumbag”, but never mind). I’ve pointed this out to you many times before but since you refuse to acknowledge the problem I thought I’d bring it more forcefully to your attention by substituting what you really want to say but can’t, for fear of offending your politically correct fellow fag bashers.

      You can change, Bill, but you have to want to change. Everyone here at FWIW will be pulling for you.

  8. Fred2

    “aggressive voter suppression tactics ” = Requiring standard ID?

    Seriously? Explain to me how having ID and being able to at least have minimal requirements to prove who you are to vote is a “voter suppression tactic”?

    NOT requiring some proof of who you are _is_ voter suppression, MY or someone’s vote is being suppressed/cancelled by someone who should presumably NOT vote.

    In all seriousness, aside from the thought that if you don’t have ID in the USA today I’d be suspicious if you ought to vote at all – because you obviously aren’t participating in society to any extent at all – or have an IQ in the single digits – if there is a subgroup in the USA today who doesn’t often have valid ID I think the correct thing to do is to have a (I know, I’ll say it) a government program to properly ID them. How much can it cost to register the 17 people who don’t have ID and do want to vote anyway?

  9. Rivman

    Racialist? I didn’t know Ali G. was on this blog.

  10. John

    The Bullworth clip is priceless

  11. Anonymous2

    Is DB an American, a foreign interloper or an illegal alien? His use of words such as “slagging” and “racialist” may well betray him. Photo ID?

  12. SusieQ

    I’ve had some time to think about your headline “why bother?”. At first, I agreed. Why would Romney subject himself to a known hostile audience? But then, after seeing his speech, I’m very glad he bothered. Every politician can speak to his own base. What’s the challenge in that? But to speak to those opposed to your views, and often vehemently opposed, yet you choose to speak and even say things you know that group will not like, says volumes to me. Let’s see Obama speak to a group of Tea Partiers and see how many boos he gets. Obama wouldn’t dare, he absolutely wouldn’t dare. So, I give Romney credit for this one small step for mankind.

    • Good point. Obama, by the way, declined his own invitation to address the NAACP – didn’t want to be booed for his stand on Queer Marriage?
      Still, he got 95% of the black vote last time around and I doubt that will change.

  13. SusieQ

    When McCain spoke to this audience in 2008, he totally pandered to them by praising Obama and the NAACP as an organization. What a wuss. McCain never had my respect (although in the end he got my vote because I couldn’t vote for Obama) but Romney does get my respect for making a move that he knew the press would make mountains out of a molehill.

  14. SusieQ

    Biden is speaking to the same audience today. Whee-ha. I don’t know if you follow the website Twitchy. It’s a gathering place for Tweet hashtags about certain subjects and they have hysterical ones today about what Biden will say when he speaks. Here’s one:
    #WhatJoeBidenWillSayToNAACP I was born a poor black child.

    The whole Twitchy website is worth bookmarking. It’s clever, funny, and scary all at once. I wish I had thought of this. Seems a little similar to the son of your friend who was going to gather political tweets. Did that ever take off?

  15. Dollar Bill

    This speech wasn’t for the NAACP. It was for Rush, it was for Tea Party dipsticks, it was for Fox News, and for Fountainheads. Romneybot’s team calculated that a little shower of boos was perfectly fine because the story “Romney booed at NAACP” would jazz up his (very white) base.

  16. Dollar Bill

    While he was at it, I don’t know why the Mittster didn’t just come out and call Obama the “Food Stamp President.” His speech was a chance to show the racists in his base that he’s one of them. Don’t say the Mittster doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing.