Accepted offer in Riverside

11 Wilmot Lane, asking $1.390 (started at $1.429 two months ago). It was also for rent but it’s the sale listing that’s being reported and that’s what I assume is selling. Owners paid $1.3 million for this in May, 2010 so while they probably won’t make money, after transaction costs, but they should end up with a just-about-free rental for two years, which isn’t bad, these days. And no RR parking fee!

I like Wilmot, proximity to train tracks notwithstanding, and this is a good house for its price.


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2 responses to “Accepted offer in Riverside

  1. anon2

    Love the front porch. I think that makes the house. Looks like someone got a ready-to-move in home.

    Funny photos. If you scroll through them carefully, one set has brown kitchen stools up at the counter; another has red ones. And I am guessing the seller was into yoga. See the photo of the rug hanging on the wall and under it two pillows? For headstands.

  2. Heather

    I took a look at the house back when it was listed in 2010 and I think some of these pics look like they are old, unless the new owners had very similar decorating taste. A few of the bedrooms didn’t have closets as they were sacrificed for bathroom space but other than the train noise and that issue, we really liked it.