Ah, I can hardly wait for the total collapse of what was once termed “higher education”

3DB ponders the “what if”: “three points lower on my IQ test and I could have been a perfesser!”

In an attempt to bail out its Western State University, Washington state raised student tuition 16%, beginning this coming semester. The faculty and administration acknowledged that gift by immediately granting themselves an 18% increase in salaries plus 10% for anyone promoted and still another 15% for all department chairmen.

The governor is not pleased but the University is unrepentant:

[Governor] Gregoire writes that she and the Legislature did not intend for higher student tuition to lead to “significant salary increases for faculty” and is “perplexed” at how the school thinks it can afford them. Responding on “Bruce’s Blog,” [University President] Shepherd praises his colleagues’ “heroic” efforts in weathering the economic realities. He celebrates the contract, saying it represents the “courage and leadership these difficult times demand.” But he doesn’t address the affordability question. Efforts to cast the contract as a duel between tuition and faculty salaries, he dismisses as “pernicious … rhetorical hyperbole.”


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7 responses to “Ah, I can hardly wait for the total collapse of what was once termed “higher education”

  1. Out Looking In

    oink oink..now that the student debt bubble has surpassed the total amount of revolving credit in our economy, when do we hear the popping sound? Good thing student debt can no longer be written off in bankruptcy- the last thing we need is a consumer base in a consumer based economy saddled with over $1 trillion in debt competing for jobs at Micky D’s…oh, the next few years are gonna get fugly….

  2. Why do they let these swine set their own salaries at state schools? The Governor should use this opportunity to seize that right.

  3. anon

    @out, maybe college debt can’t be written off in bankruptcy but if Obama has his way, he would like to forgive student loan debt. Sure, there’s a great idea. Not.

    Chris, this scenario for the faculty is not much different than CEO/Execs of failing companies taking their $ and running. Think Drexel Burnham; think Lehman.

    If Western State is indeed a state college, why can’t the governor exercise her power?

  4. @anon, Gregoire’s a Democrat, so naaagonna happen.

  5. Mazama

    I did my undergraduate degree at (1976) from that college, WWU, which, due to a desirable location outdoor recreation, attracted some excellent faculty despite relatively low salaries (my department chair, now deceased, rented a small house from a former student).

    In the 1990s I was a regular donor and served on some boards and advisory committees, which are a prelude to asking for bigger donations of course when they invited us for “free” salmon fishing trips, musical events, etc. I lost interest in being a financial supporter when one of the VPs, a former math professor, mentioned his IRA was worth $3,000,000.

  6. CatoRenasci

    High-cotton for the faculty out there at West Pottawattomie State Teachers’ Normal School. It’s time for a reset: cut state support to 0 and offer all of the current students transfer to another state college at a 25% discount to the WWU tuition. Let the faculty ‘eat cake’.

  7. FlyAngler

    But they are doing it so they can stay there for the sake of ” the children”.