Just an observation

Riverside Dog Walker?

Driving around town, I’ve realized that many adults walk their dogs themselves and leave it to the nanny to push the kids around in their strollers later in the day. Nothing like a whiny brat to ruin a good stroll, I suppose.


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11 responses to “Just an observation

  1. Anonymous

    Just a friendly reminder to those walkers to pick up their dog’s crap because lately it seems people are not cleaning up in Riv. My kids and theirs will no doubt step in it.

  2. dogwalker

    What’s the surprise here? They don’t talk back! Well . . . unless terriers are involved. They can be just as amusing, too. And show me a kid who will look worried and lick your face if you slip on the ice!

    Anonymous, I could not agree more! Some downtown people must have moved over to Riverside. About a year ago, it was getting unbearable over here, but it seems to have improved more recently. It only takes very few inconsiderate people to make a big mess quite quickly!

  3. Riverside Dog Walker

    Good picture and I got a good chuckle, but I’ve only walked two leased dogs around Riverside at once.

    However, when we had 3 dogs, I would take them all to the beach in the winter. They were the ones who would sit on command when I decided it was time to go and for them to be leashed. My kids were never as obedient.

  4. GeorgeCrosley

    The moms who do walk their kids are usually on their cell phones instead of talking to their children. I shudder to think how these neglected kids will grow up.

  5. Daniel

    They will grow up clutching a phone with both hands trying to stay in constant communication with anyone not around them.

  6. hmmm

    they all suck…

  7. Real Torme

    …and they ALL walk on the wrong side of the road. Face traffic, morons!

    • How about the joggers who run, presumably for their health, before sunrise, dressed in black, no light, and in the middle of the road while rounding a corner right at you? I wouldn’t mind running down a few of the more obnoxious joggers I encounter but I’d like to do it deliberately and with malice aforethought, not because I just didn’t see them.

  8. Bring back Jim Fixx!