Off to (a few) open houses

Nothing new or of interest except for a handful (4) of houses in Riverside and Old Greenwich, so we’ll be back soon.


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5 responses to “Off to (a few) open houses

  1. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    Need some recommendations from your readers.

    Anyone know of a good pool contractor? Once we get a town demo permit, someone is coming to bury our old pool we call Caesar (because we can no longer praise it!) It’s a pool we inherited when bought the house that was old old old then and we want build a much smaller new pool in a different location where we have sun all day. FYI: we’re cheapskates so companies like Wagner are out for us from the get-go. Would love some comments. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous


    could anyone please recommend someone who is good at pool demolition in Fairfield county?

  3. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    Are you funning with me anonymous? Okay, I guess I deserve it.

  4. Mrs. CT Tennis Player

    EOS, you have a good sense of humor to take that ribbing from anonymous. As your number one blog fan, I know you didn’t mean to sound as 1% as that request came off!! Here’s the lesson to learn: go back to blogging and pose your question there. Here, you are like Romney at the NAACP!! Miss you. Miss you.
    PS: I have friends who used Suburban Pools in Bedford for a major repair and were very happy!