Sale and a price cut, two bits!

Unit #78, 51 Forest Avenue (Old Greenwich Gables), a one bedroom, sold for $535,000. Seller paid $662,500 for it in 2008. Oops.

56 Old Church Road

56 Old Church Road, a 1905 house on 13,000 sq.ft. of land, has been reduced again and is now priced at $2.999 million. Better than the $3.750 it asked when it first came on in 2008 but that’s like saying for a fat girl, she doesn’t sweat much. If anything has been done to this house since it was built 107 years ago it must have happened during (Teddy) Roosevelt’s administration. So what’s a building lot worth?

UPDATE: 32 Tomac Avenue, Old Greenwich, is reported sold (April contract) for $1.8 million, bid up from its asking price of $1.785.


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3 responses to “Sale and a price cut, two bits!

  1. Coronel De Beers

    LOL Dude, You and Walt should be writing for Baba Boohey

  2. D

    Hah! Very funny point on #56. I’d say assessed (1.2)… at most, just because of the address. Its barely a third acre. Is that undersized for zoning/green space? If you tore it down what could you even build back?

  3. anonymous

    Does anyone else think the Old Church Road house must have been where they filmed Driving Miss Daisy?