Yeah, I’ve noticed this meme for at least ten years now

The media has its marching orders and all news is filtered accordingly.

IT’S ALL THE FAULT OF THAT EVIL SUV! “Scott wrote here about the appalling case of a 16-year-old St. Paul girl, Clarisse Grime, who was sitting in the grass at her high school, nowhere near the street, when she was struck and killed by a vehicle that careened out of control and bounced off a fire hydrant. The vehicle was driven by an illegal immigrant who has been in Minnesota for ten years without ever having a driver’s license. He was known to local authorities, having been convicted of drunk driving in 2001 and driving without a license just a few months ago. But the immigration laws are not enforced in St. Paul. So today, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on Miss Grime’s funeral. This was the paper’s headline: ‘St. Paul teen killed by SUV remembered at her funeral.’ Killed by SUV? That doesn’t really seem to be the salient point.”

Check it out, if you haven’t already: every accident reported by the media involving a four-wheel-drive vehicle, no matter how small, is described as involving a “SUV”. No such distinction is made for, say, muscle cars or Priuses or even Porsches because they don’t fit into the guidelines. I think this says more about the mindset of reporters than anything particularly conspiratorial, they just get an indoctrinational concept in their mind and subconsciously apply it to everything they write.


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8 responses to “Yeah, I’ve noticed this meme for at least ten years now

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Because, because, because….. what? Take the next step Chris….

    Because they are stupid, vapid, intellectually lazy and dishonest, that’s why.

  2. anonymous

    did you see that LLBean is coming to Danbury mall?

  3. Brown Eyed Girl

    About 20 years ago, my friend’s uncle and his wife were killed by a drunk white man in a pickup truck. The man had a long history of DUI convictions, but he had been allowed to keep driving because “he had no other way of getting to his job”. And remember the librarian from Old Greenwich, killed by a drunk white woman. Repeat offenders are driving drunk and stoned at all hours of the day, and that puts us all in danger. Immigration status is not the salient point.

    • No it isn’t, but neither is the type of car used to create the mayhem. A better headline might have been “Funeral today for girl killed by drunk” – because that’s the story.

  4. Fred2

    ” they just get an indoctrinational concept in their mind and subconsciously apply it to everything they write.”

    Remember that kerfuffle about the discreet/semi-secret mailing list/forum so many “top” journalists were subscribed to?

    Not that subconscious…

  5. Rick


    this reminds me of the story I handed back for correction to a reporter at the AP who had written the following:

    “According to police, the victim was shot by an unkown assailant using a .38 caliber semi-automatic revolver that was later recovered near the scene.”

    I had to explain to him three times what was wrong with his writing.

  6. mc

    “semi-automatic revolver” an evil ” assault weapon”

  7. mc

    And not for nothing Dude, but the media has always had marching orders. Always. Remember why we went to FM radio?