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I thought that was the point all along

ObamaCare spawning scams.


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It’s Bastille Day!

And Elizabeth Warren was there

Time to reread “Reflections on the Revolution in France”. Available for your Kindle at just $0.99 at Amazon. It’s your patriotic duty (illustrated edition, published for Democrats).


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The fickle finger of fate having written ….

Anyone seen my house?

137 Doubling Road, the site of the original Bolling estate but now just 8.7 acres of land, is on the market, asking $15 million. Owners paid $7.6 for it in 2001, tore down the house and …?

There’s currently a certain notoriety surrounding the family, but I don’t think entertainment value imparts any additional value. Asking price was $8.2 million in 2005, and I’m thinking this is worth, at most, what they paid for it.

Three building lots here, if you want to calculate it that way, but I, at least, still end up at the same place. We’ll see.


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