It’s Bastille Day!

And Elizabeth Warren was there

Time to reread “Reflections on the Revolution in France”. Available for your Kindle at just $0.99 at Amazon. It’s your patriotic duty (illustrated edition, published for Democrats).


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16 responses to “It’s Bastille Day!

  1. Brigitte

    perhaps it’s only my computer, but your graphic comes up as the box of death with the red blue and green shapes in it, as if the graphic you selected is corrupt.

  2. Cobra

    Brigitte…If the graphic relates to Democrats, it is corrupt.

  3. Brigitte

    Beaucoup mieux, merci. Très drôle, Monsieur Serpent.

  4. Al Dente

    The only French I know is: Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir?
    Which I believe translates to:
    Coochi, coochi, yaya, dada
    Coochi, coochi yaya, here
    Mooka-chooka, latta, yaya
    Everybody drink more beer.

  5. Green Mtn Punter

    Yes, The French Revolution, Le Quatorze Juillet! Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. In the hearts and souls of all revoutionaries since including, of course, the murdering Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Beria and the Bolshevik gang..

    Edmund Burke was certainly a prescient genius since he predicted the violence to come in the French Revolution a full four (4) years before Robespierre and Thermidor. And the violence in all revolutions thereafter.

    I’ll bet that Bill Ayers, his lovely wife Bernadine, and their ilk are all big fans of the French and Russian Revolutions. I remember well the SDS at B.U. in the 1965-69 era.

    Best antidote and the truth about these poisonous people, and all revolutionary wannabes, is to read Horowitz and Collier’s book: “Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About The Sixties”.

  6. Anonymous

    The new president of the cheese eating surrender monkeys scoffs at the idea that high labor costs lead to the recently announced layoffs at Peugeot.

    “Mr. Hollande rejected calls from Peugeot’s chief executive Philippe Varin to cut labor costs in France, which at €34.20 an hour, are 14% higher than in Germany and nearly a fifth higher than the euro-zone average, according to Eurostat data published earlier this year.

    “It’s too easy to blame labor costs,” Mr. Hollande said.”

    So don’t confuse him with the facts. Of course there’s also the fact that other than the Italians and Chinese, the French make the lowest quality cars in the world.

  7. Urbane Forester

    Worth the read! And the listen:

  8. Killing an Arab

    chris, how well did our last MBA/executive do. I believe Hoover flouted his business acumen as a job qualifier. Truman I think was the only successful businessman/president

  9. The Anonymous comment 12:09 pm was mine. I have no idea why it showed up that way.

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    KaA: Given the choice between Obama and Romney, I’ll happily take my chances opting for the successful businessman over the activist lawyer community organizer. Lets face it, EVERYTHING Obama has tried has failed so miserably to produce an economic recovery, that there are many who believe that his efforts are geared toward a deliberate totaling of the economy. Personally, I attribute his failures to arrogant stupidity and his consequent incompetence.

    A very recent reminder of that incompetence was the campaign’s effort to suggest that Romney may be “guilty of a felony” on account of SEC filings for Bain Capital during a period in which Romney remained sole share-holder but had terminated all his management responsibilities. The SEC required that Romney be listed in those filings during the transition. It is a glaring mark of both desperation and complete incompetence that Obama’s campaign pushed that story. Even leading democrats and the MSM choked on that one.

  11. Killing an Arab

    LA,not sure if I agree with your premise that all Obama’s policies failed. Auto industry bailout (which Romeny basically agrees with, but makes a distinction in order to differentiate himself from Obama); Obamacare (again, which Romney basically agrees with, but makes a distinction in order to differnentiate himself from Obama); the stimulus package (not sure what Romney’s take was, but while insufficient, the stimulus (almost half of which were in the form of tax cuts) at least stopped the hemoraging); immigration enforcement (higher under Obama, then W, but who knows where Romney stands on this); energy exploration (more leases granted than ever before and I assume Romney would agree); gay rights (who know where Romney stands on the issue, but the Republican party seems to be more willing to acknowledge it); Middle East (no easy answers or easy way to “score” the policies, but certainly an improvement over Bush’s Middle East policy).

    If you notice, most of these policies mirror Republican policies, which is why we progressives are so frustrated with Obama. It’s infuriating to see him adopt their policies and then be accusue of “deliberately totaling the economoy.”

    Agree that too much is being made of the Bain Capital. Not very sympathetic to your whining, though, given the misinformation and distortions that the GOP and GOP operatives hurl. It’s about time Obama started using the Republican playbook.

    • Arab, I didn’t bother suggesting this to DB because he’s simply incapable of considering anything he can’t find on Democrat Underground, but you might enjoy “Libertarianism for Dummies” because you may find that small government types share more of your positions than you imagine. Or not – but I mean the suggestion as a compliment.

  12. Killing an Arab

    Thanks, but I went through my libertarian phase in college/post-college. I have since seen the light.

    • So consider my compliment on your open mind withdrawn, as well as your invitation to post here. Not at all interested in the views of someone whose mind shut down and atrophied.
      See you (or actually, not).