Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States, if you can believe it


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  1. Walt

    Dude –
    This just shows Barry’s total disregard of the American Dream, and the entrepreneurial spirit that made this Country great. You don’t care about this sort of stuff when you have a Socialist agenda, and just want to redistribute the wealth.

    Could Whitey Ford have launched the Ford Motor Company today? Do you really think Einstein could have invented the light bulb today? Heck, Barry wants to ban the light bulb!! Would the Marx Brothers have been successful at Kitty Hawk? Would Hugh Hefner have launched Red Book? NO!! Barry is trying to kill the entrepreneurial spirit, through rhetoric, taxes and legislation.

    The list goes on and on. Where would we be if Marconi didn’t invent macaroni? Chink take out every day, that is where!! And how bad would that suck? Suppose Alexander Graham Cracker didn’t invent the phone? What would we do, stick our head out of the window and scream as loud as we can?

    This country burst forth with limited government, encouraging risk taking, and rewarding success. Obama wants to go exactly opposite of that. And he won’t campaign on his record, because that is a disaster, by any measure. So use negative rhetoric and lies, because that is the standard liberal playbook.

    And I would be remiss to leave out the two greatest inventors ever – Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow. They invented the breast implant. God Bless their souls.
    IMPOSSIBLE under Obamacare.
    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    S.E. Cupp has an excellent take on Barry’s vision for America, and well worth the read:

    Now I ask you, who would you rather lay in bed next to at night, and discuss politics with? Well not you, but a normal person. S.E. or Debbie Wasserman Bow Wow? The talk wouldn’t last very long with S.E. I am a sucker for the whole sexy librarian look!

    And Debbie Bow Wow could change my views on late term abortions in no time. I may support it up until the age of 60 after speaking to her.
    Your Pal,

  3. db

    Is there an article behind this?

  4. Long Viewed

    Hope you and your readers are not all equally dense. Pres. Obama’s comments were about how even our most most successful innovators could not have succeeded independently, without the publicly built infrastructure (roads, internet, public education, national security, police and fire protection). If you think he said, or meant to say that Apple, Ebay, Google, or the Model T were created by the government, you are doing some very selective listening.

    • No, you are, if you don’t follow that he said “you didn’t build it” to justify raising his government’s “share” of the take. As a previous commentator points out, those wonderful infrastructure improvements Obama cites amount to 2% of government spending while income redistribution schemes are about 60%. You drop taxes to 2% and we can talk about who built what and how much is owed by entrepreneurs to the looting class.

  5. Long Viewed

    He may have been inarticulate in that sentence but it was clear from his overall comments that he was not dissing the private sector. Not sure why the cost of infrastructure is relevent and as for income redistribution, we are talking about allowing marginal tax rates (above $250,000 of Adjusted Gross Income) to revert back to where they were during the Clinton years. Hardly a socialist plot to take your land and possessions. Finally, on this whole income redistribution theme, have you driven around town lately? When was the last time there was this much wealth concentrated in fewer hands? Economic power has been used to solidify political power, wich has been used, via lobbying power to write our tax laws. Carried intest tax rates, which I’m guessing will be featured on Mitt’s tax returns, are Ex. A in how skewed the game has become.

    • In fact, he was quite articulate, expressing exactly his view of the proper relationship between individual initiative and the government: individuals produce, government seizes.
      Infrastructure costs come up because Obama (and Elizabeth Warren ad even FWIW’s resident imbecile Dollar Bill” all cite the fact that, after beig produced, goods are shipped over highways, thus justifying new confiscatory taxes.

  6. Manuel

    This man doesn’t “lean left” – he has been basted through and through with the marinade of Marxism. Expecting him to reason or compromise reminds me of a line from Fawlty Towers, when Basil said “you might as well ask the cat.” He is incapable of thinking like a non-communist.

  7. Anonymous

    The speech makes it clear that Obama really believes in socialism. He wants to move our country towards that model. I loved his statement back when he held his only real job in the private sector many years ago that he “was behind enemy lines”. He rarely shows his true beliefs, but they do come out when he is not following his tel-promptor.

    The man is a fraud.

  8. AJ

    In this clip Elizabeth Warren explains it so much better: If you wrote a book and said you were born in Kenya, and kept that hidden until it was to late for anyone to find out — you didn’t do it by yourself. No, you had help covering that up:

  9. AJ

    CF, you and your right wing friends are so dumb. The president speaks the truth, see: Chevy Volt Makes NO Money, Costs Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Car. You think GM or some smart guy could have built the Volt on its own? Noooo!

    And who could forget Solyndra? See, the President does know what he’s talking about. Why, didn’t you know his supporters are out there right now touting that success: Obama Spokesman on Solyndra: ‘Widely Praised as Successful and Innovative’?

  10. Crabby Jack

    The bottom line is: I don’t owe the government SQUAT (after I pay my taxes)
    I am the government. I owe our founding fathers a debt of thanks and the police officer who runs down a bad guy in my neighborhood the same. I don’t owe “the government” anything – it’s not a gift, I paid for it!

  11. shaker

    Long Viewed’s initial comment ….”Pres. Obama’s comments were about how even our most successful innovators could not have succeeded independently, without the publicly built infrastructure (roads, internet, public education, national security, police and fire protection)” seems reasonable to me.

    Obama’s facile corollary however …..That it’s time to raise the government’s “share” is not. Infrastructure, as you have pointed out, is insignificant as far as this discussion goes. The obvious significance of Obama’s statement is that it sets out a clear choice for the coming election.

    Under a Republican administration, you will have the opportunity choose how to distribute the resources that you have earned, and the American private sector’s generosity in that regard is unsurpassed. If the Democrats remain in office, the choice will be made for you…and we all know where that is going thanks President Obama’s ability, from time to time, to tell an inadvertent truth.

  12. mc

    KAA er’ Long Viewed’s retort comment: “we are talking about allowing marginal tax rates (above $250,000 of Adjusted Gross Income) to revert back to where they were during the Clinton years.”

    The “we are talking about” is the standard democrat talking point.

    However, Commarade Obamas speech goes well beyond that standard talking point.

    I suggest that my reservationist democrat breathren not forget that warrior hunter gatherers are honored at the top of the totem pole because it is their sacrifice that allows the tribe to survive. We will not be moved to the reservation only to be plied with drugs, alcohol and welfare from the hand of the great black father. Obama and Viewed beleive those who escape the reservation and make it on their own, could not have made it without help from the reservation and should be punished by paying high fines aka taxes: Oh the irony!