The animals are running the zoo

300 teenagers invade Wal-Mart, steal, loot, smash things and terrorize shoppers.

No arrests were made.

Eric Holder, Al Sharpton on their way to the scene to condemn lawlessness. Well, maybe not.

UPDATE: Same thing out in Oregon. And why not? These kids’ role model just told them that anyone’s property truly belongs to everyone else, so why not help themselves to it?


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10 responses to “The animals are running the zoo

  1. browbeater44

    coming to a theatre near you….expect more of this and have a plan to get out of dodge when the sytem collapses

  2. Barack Obama

    And if I had sons, they’d look just like these boys.

  3. Coronel De Beers

    Ahhh….kids just having fun. If there was a real problem, the store patrons would take decisive actions. Check out the Biz insider video : Internet cafe hold-up.

  4. Historian

    This is a sad and infuriating scene. It brings to mind my visit to Hyde Park and the University of Chicago. I was there a few years ago with my pre-teen children and 70-something father. We were touring the campus when two African American teens started harrasing us, without any provocation. We had to put up with this until we walked into the campus book store. If I had been with ANYONE other than young children and a senior citizen, I would have confronted these immature jerks and just asked them if they even think that they live in or near the town where our President lived (and still owns a home) and are harrasing people on the campus where our President was a Law School lecturer for 10 years. Unfortunately, I doubt this would have done much to sway the thoughts of these trouble makers. Having a black President as a role model only works so far.

  5. anonymous

    @Historian. Wait, our president is a role model? Gosh, that’s breaking news. To whom, I axe? To the other world leaders to whom he continues to bow and kowtow to? No. To the hard-working small business owners? No. To historians like yourself or scholars of the Constitution ? No. To those who fight to stay off the dole but are told, go, take the money, the rich will take care of you? No.

    You showed great restraint Historian to not get into a tussle with those who harassed you. But I am curious, did you have a discussion with your pre-teens later? About the incident? What were their thoughts? Did you tell them you wanted to deck them? I often think it’s moments like this that are the greatest teaching tools for our children.

  6. Carolyn

    Both Historian and Anonymous raise an interesting point: Is Obama a role model for blacks? He felt obliged to be sympathetic to thug Trayvon Martin without knowing any details of the case. He opted out of speaking at the NAACP. He plays the racism card ad nauseum by insisting Holder fight every voter I’d law. In doing so, he is basically telling blacks not to forget about Jim Crow or do what is right by common sense and have IDs. He used to attend a predominanetly black church but when that became a political liability, he chose not to attend any church. And when has he ever been seen with black kids who are really in need of a role model? Why no outrage about these flash mobs? Obama uses being black when it suits him (and even uses a “black voice” then refuses to acknowledge by being black, he got into Harvard. The man is no role model to anyone.

  7. Barry Hussein

    It’s a reelection campaign event.

  8. Anonymous

    This kind of thing has been going on since at least last summer, I remember reading about several incidents in DC and a couple of them in Milwaukee and Indiana(?) after their state fair where “urban youths” decided to rampage and beat on both pedestrians and motorists. Horrifying stuff but what amazes me is that the perpetrators are now putting the videos up on youtube themselves. Completely brazen and bizarre.

  9. hmmm

    not brazen or bizarre just stupid really