Two good houses receive offers

78 Baldwin Farms South, $3.295 million. It wasn’t worth its original price of $4.750 but a few years off the market and a couple of price reductions after it came back on this year brought it to where it should have been all along and a buyer recognized that. Good land, still a 1960 house for all its renovations but very pleasant and quite livable.

11 Bayside Terrace in Riverside didn’t even stay on the market long enough for the on-line sites to notice it but I did. I hesitated writing about it after last Thursday’s open house because I thought it was an excellent property for a builder/client but he never got back to me (off fishing?) and someone grabbed it Monday. 0.38 acre in the R-12 zone, a split level that will probably come down because it’s in original condition and would need a lot of work to bring it back, but this could have been a great starter home. $1.065 million, which some may not consider a starting point, but there it is.


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4 responses to “Two good houses receive offers

  1. D

    Bayside has to be a teardown… Who wants a split level these days?

    Public did catch it though:

    But Zestimate is off – They can’t see a land sale like this.

  2. Stanwich

    CF, what can they build on Bayside and how much do you think they can get for it? 4500 sf and $2 million? I understand there is a discount to being a first mover on this street but that’s a huge discount from what has been accomplished right across the street on Hendrie.

  3. Raised in Riverside

    That’s a really nice house on a great street for $3.2mil… any idea if it went over asking?