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Next time TSA goons confiscate your toothpaste and paw granpa’s diaper, know that they’re just trying to make the skies safer for illegal alien terrorists

Bombs away!

25 illegal aliens enrolled at flight school run by illegal alien. Discovered by local cops – Homeland Security was busy at the airport sniffing nappies.

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Can we demand it of Democrats too? For that matter, are any state Democrats actually employed?

Here’s MY tax return, mother f***er!

Connecticut Democrats demand that Republican candidates for U.S. Senate disclose their tax returns.  Hey, if good government demands that a senator or congressman’s income be fully disclosed, then sholdn’t we apply that principle to all our representatives?

But let’s just start on the federal level: Right now, most of our millionaire Congressmen hug their tax return secrets tighter than a virgin’s … ah, “purse” (Dick Blumenthal, for instance, is one of the refuseniks)

WASHINGTON — Rep. Nancy Pelosi was emphatic. Mitt Romney’s refusal to release more than two years of his personal tax returns, she said, makes him unfit to win confirmation as a member of the president’s Cabinet, let alone to hold the high office himself.

Sen. Harry Reid went further: Romney’s refusal to make public more of his tax records makes him unfit to be a dogcatcher.

They do not, however, think that standard of transparency should apply to them. The Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives are among hundreds of senators and representatives from both parties who refused to release their tax records. Just 17 out of the 535 members of Congress released their most recent tax forms or provided some similar documentation of their tax liabilities in response to requests from McClatchy Newspapers over the last three months. Another 19 replied that they wouldn’t release the information, and the remainder never responded to the query.

And then let’s ask, again, that BO release his college and law school transcripts so we can see for ourselves how he managed to attend Columbia without anyone noticing him there or, better, how he was elected to head the Harvard Law Review without ever, you know, writing a law review article?


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Just a reminder

Greenwich pretty-much escaped unscathed from the storms today but there were some blackouts:

Most of Greenwich’s outages stemmed from an underground cable issue in the area of Ettl Lane, according to CL&P.

I keep hearing residents complain that, damn the expense (huge), if CL&P would only put our wires underground our problems would be solved. Not so.


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Talk about wanting it bad

£ 11,000 worth of sex toys stolen in Britain



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Well, liberals have always been about results, not principles

Poll: Justice Roberts more popular among liberals than conservatives

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Doesn’t do much for teenagers either

Sip sip hooray!

Study: Alcohol harms thinking in older adults.


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Christ, I suppose this means we’ll start seeing gay weddings there

I’d attend, but I don’t have a beach card

Greenwich Time: Tod’s Point is “evolving”


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Safe sex, or a pregnant pause?

Weiner withdraws. But he’s still got $4 million in campaign funds burning a hole in his pocket, so don’t expect him to go far.


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Wasn’t it a mighty storm?

That was something for the past hour (12:45ish start time). Binney Park lost its tennis fences when the wind catcher screens did what their name implies and brought the whole south wall down.

A bright spot – as it was raining cats and dogs my thoughts naturally turned to our president and his dining habits. He wasn’t around but I happened to be right in front of Moe’s Burger Joint on Route One in OG, so I pulled in. I haven’t tried this place before but they make a very fine burger. Just had the burger but they offer milkshakes and that sort of stuff too, which I’ll bet are also good – I’ll go back soon and try one.


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Bundler lied, Bungler sighed

Won’t work for food

Obama’s top campaign fund bundler was in charge of Bain when GST Steel was shut. (And no, he didn’t lie about it, I was going for the headline).

Wonder when this will hit the national news.


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Let them drink ethanol

You gonna eat that?

Corn soaring to $8.50 bushel as drought cuts production. Too bad we don’t have more corn to go around, eh? Say, 40% more?

For some historical perspective on how much corn costs today, try this article from 2010:

Driven by frenzied trading on the Chicago Board of Trade, US corn prices rose by 8.5 percent on Friday, the largest one-day increase since 1973.

Over a two-day period, corn increased by more than 15 percent before easing slightly to 12.7 percent, a two-year high. Wheat, soybeans and other basic agricultural products have also soared, threatening a global food crisis like that of 2007-08.

When corn prices rose by 30 cents Friday, hitting the daily limit, the CBOT raised the limit to 45 cents after the market closed. As of Tuesday, corn was trading at $5.84 a bushel, with analysts predicting prices would rise to $6 a bushel, a level seen only at the height of the 2007-08 food crisis.

Back in 2010, even Al Gore admitted that diverting 40% of our corn crop to ethanol production was “not good policy”.  Not so Obama; he loves the stuff. In fact, the New York Times reported that “Obama camp [is] closely tied to ethanol” and attributed his midwestern primary victories to his support of the fuel.


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Olympic trials?

Palestinians blow up Israeli tour buses in Bulgaria, kill three, injure scores. 

Next week in London.


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Well here’s a shovel ready project we could spend money on


I blame Bush!

As oil companies and foreign countries move into Arctic, US needs icebreakers. Hmm: employment for ship builders, protect our national interest and enforce our environmental laws. If we have to spend taxpayer money, this sounds far preferable to increasing welfare payments to the non-productive, but it’ll never happen. Not under this administration, not with the eco-nuts controlling the nation’s agenda.

Shell, which may begin drilling next month, is one of at least six companies planning to extract oil, gas and minerals in the Arctic as global warming melts ice and opens new sea lanes to commerce. As the companies move in, so must the Coast Guard, to defend U.S. interests, perform sea rescues and coordinate the government’s response to any oil spills.

The Coast Guard is ill-equipped for the Arctic. It lacks appropriate communications and navigation systems, and will need at least $3 billion in additional vessels and equipment, assessments by the Congressional Research Service and the Coast Guard itself show. Without more icebreakers, the service will be “unable to accomplish its Arctic missions,” according to a report last year by the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general.

“The Coast Guard has zero capability in the Arctic,” Admiral Robert Papp, the Coast Guard commandant, said in a July 13 interview at a Bloomberg Government breakfast in Washington. “If we are going to have a permanent presence there, it’s going to require some investment. We don’t have the infrastructure in place right now.”

Countries and companies are laying plans for the Arctic, which holds about a fourth of the word’s undiscovered oil and natural gas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The U.S. has more than 1,000 miles of Arctic shoreline. Much of its oil is off the Alaskan North Slope, which is bordered by the Beaufort and Chukchi seas and about 1,100 miles northwest of Juneau, the state capital.

Russia in 2007 dropped a capsule containing its flag on the seabed 14,000 feet below the North Pole, staking a claim for oil and gas reserves there. Canada plans to purchase military icebreakers to protect its interests. China, which doesn’t have an Arctic border, has signed energy agreements with Iceland. [Norway’s coming in too, as is the rest of the world]


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One tiny piece of real estate news reported

11 Buckingham Lane (off North Street heading to the cemetery) has an accepted offer, asking $1.195 million. Owners paid $1.250 for it in 2007, tried reselling it in 2008 for $1.645 and when that didn’t work, raised its price to $1.695 in 2009 which, surprisingly, was no more successful. Five brokers, four years later, they dropped it to where it is today and have found a buyer.

12 Salem Street

UPDATE: Make that two tiny pieces of news. 12 Salem Street, Cos Cob, asking $895,000, has accepted an offer. Tried $1.295 in 2008 but that wasn’t a wise price nor a good time to overreach in real estate. Still, they gave it the old college try for 450 days or so.


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Remember Obama’s “Jobs Panel”? Of course not, and he hopes you never do

The Jobs Panel, once created with great fanfare by our community organizer and fund raiser in chief hasn’t met in six months, has seen exactly zero of its recommendations acted upon and is comprised of those hateful “outsourcers”. Gee, could this have been just a PR move, announced to get the public off his back? Not to hear Barry tell it:

“This has not been a show council. This has been a work council,” Obama declared during the January 2012 session, where the panel presented a report containing more than 60 recommendations aimed at stimulating job creation.

“I have been tracking implementation of your recommendations. And we’ve seen substantial progress across the board,” Obama added. “Hopefully, we’ve at least met your expectations in follow-through and implementation; what we haven’t seen is a bunch of white paper sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.”

The louder a politician’s denial, the more likely it is that what he’s denying is in fact the truth. With BO, its a certainty.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0712/78637.html#ixzz20yrUWHoN


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Who ya gonna believe?

Business Insider:Here’s why China is the future of the luxury-goods market

Bloomberg: Luxury loses as economy slows.

I’d put my money on Bloomberg – Blodget’s site is just an accumulator of usually – contradictory stories.


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Well aren’t they hoity-toity!


Back whence you came from, dear fellow

Fire at Greenwich Country Club “snubbed”.

They don’t let in just any common fire.


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There’s a job waiting for him as an airport screener

But we love each other!

Border Guard applicant arrested after confessing in job interview that he’s molested a two-year-old girl and enjoyed carnal relations with animals.

A pig, a dog and a horse.

UPDATE: We now know where he lives? Two goats, 25 chickens seized from apartment.


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Food Mart grew stale

Hardly surprising, word is that Porcelli’s Food Mart in Old Greenwich is going out, to be replaced by a chain grocery. Meh – the store’s days have long been numbered and ever since Shop Rite opened, the drop – off of customers has been quite visible – you see more patrons with hand baskets, picking up a few forgotten items than full-cart, full-week shoppers. Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Fairways, even Whole Foods, all offer more variety and with the glaring exception of Whole Foods and Fairway, better prices.

Nothing against the Poricelli’s, owners of Food Mart. They’ve been very decent owners, generous to the community, and they ran a good shop. But the day of the small independent grocer has passed.

The rumored new tenant is something called Kings Food Markets. Sounds like another Whole Foods, which doesn’t exactly stimulate my taste buds or my wallet, but then, I don’t think CVS improved the neighborhood either. Life goes on.


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