Pardon the yawn


Yellow Jersey

Briton poised to be first of his countrymen to win Tour de France.


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5 responses to “Pardon the yawn

  1. Greenwich Gal

    I hate that sport. A bunch of phony drug addicts. They are as compromised as Penn State Football…

  2. Afan

    We mock what we don’t understand.. peut etre? Commentary
    and vistas are magnifique. Not a fan of the frog culture, however.

    • I’m not a fan of a sport where every single participant uses performance enhancing drugs. Why not use gps-guided motorized bikes and send them scooting up and down the mountains?

  3. Afan

    With due respect, ride a bike tomorrow up Wesskum Wood, an inch at best in what they climb . Nevermind, you don’ t watch the tube and have not seen the event. Agree that the doping on any stage is counter productive.

    • I love riding and used to do a lot of it (starting in 1969 when three of us rode up to Martha’s Vineyard from here). And I used to follow the Tour avidly but as the succession of champions turned out to be cheaters I lost heart, and Lance Armstrong simply broke it.
      So no, I won’t follow it any longer.
      (It occurs to me that I could order Breaking Away and just enjoy that instead)