News from the Camp of the Messiah

Forwarded me by Walter Olson


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3 responses to “News from the Camp of the Messiah

  1. g2-ab6286de3550d2709623262054a08c75

    That protrusion to the right appears to be a sandworm (Shai-Hulud); probably Dollar Bill following his master.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    The irony is that Onumbnuts is enough of a narcissist and Axelrod has enough chutzpah to put out that kinda crap.

  3. AJ

    You make him sound like one of those porters in that safari gone bad movie, Cornel Wilde’s “The Naked Prey”. But that’s not the way it works with narcissistic prima donnas. I doubt Obama has ever done any heavy lifting: with him it’s almost certain to be the other way around — someone is carrying him.

    May I suggest some theme music for the Democrat’s Convention? Instead of Clinton’s “Don’t stop”, I think something like this might be more appropriate for one to whom we all owe our success, however slight it may be, for the great carrier of us all: