Where’s Walter?

Walter’s Playhouse

The media has lost track of Walter Noel this summer and I can’t find him. Is he summering in Southampton? Anyone know?

And can you figure out how he’s allowed to stay in his beach cottage (last rented out, summer of 2009, for $375,000 per month) when he’s on the hook for a couple of billions of dollars? And how, four years on, is he still free?

Just asking.


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12 responses to “Where’s Walter?

  1. Anon

    He’s in Southampton for July. House then rented for August.

  2. Anon58

    Well, per GHIN.com, last month he shot a smooth 100 at Round Hill Club. Still quite the hacker, despite all the free time he has.

  3. John

    For the same reason Jon corzine is free. Wall street owns its regulators and is beyond reach

  4. Perhaps is in the hospital for a double transplant… a heart and a conscience.

    Probably better termed as a double implant, since neither of those were found when he was opened up.

  5. AJ

    Southampton? Have their beaches come under attack for not allowing outsiders? You don’t need a beach card but you do need a permit to park anywhere near the water except for that peninsula that extends eastward out over Shinnecock Bay and that may have changed since I’ve last been out there. Anyhow I prefer Montauk, as it’s a much more rustic, back to nature kind of place.

    Walt will probably drop dead just before they nail him. Too bad he didn’t buy the former Topping which became the Washburn, which became the Dick, which became the Helmsley estate, or just deserts would probably already be a fait accompli. There’s something about that place.

  6. Daniel

    Maybe he is hanging with Corzine and Mazilo.

  7. One in a million

    Where In the world is Wally?
    Private Due Diligence tutor job for Dimon — unknown location

  8. G W Chase

    In our system, Justice is blind – and also deaf, dumb and…

  9. Anonymous

    I just saw him in The Man Who Bought Mustique.
    Trying to kiss the English aristocracy back side.
    He’s just a hick from mid west trying to buy his way into aristocracy with money stolen from them.

    I love it!

  10. Anonymous

    John you said it best…..Wall Street makes the rules….they gave up one head… Madoff was the sacrifice, now its over. Back to business as usual.

  11. Susan

    I saw him vacationing in Jenkins Neck, VA. Bought a cottage on the York River in Virginia in the Achilles, VA area. My family has a cottage two doors down. Nice home and dock!

  12. bob seagoon

    We saw him at Club 55 in St Tropez with his wife yesterday 7th September.